Commercial chic: custom banquette and booth seating for contemporary spaces

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18 September 2023


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When creating commercial spaces that captivate, it's the little details that count. Bespoke banquette and booth seating, custom-tailored to fit the unique dimensions and aesthetics of the interior, not only optimise space but also elevate the overall ambience, ensuring every inch of the room is as inviting as it is visually striking.

Upholstery and soft furnishings in commercial settings play a vital role in captivating the customers' attention and making them recurring guests. Businesses are reimagining their interiors with bespoke bench and booth seating. Whether for sleek, contemporary hospitality venues or innovative office layouts, these seating solutions add a touch of chic professionalism to commercial spaces. 

From custom banquettes to booth seating solutions, Melbourne-based Avo Studio offers commercial upholstery services across Victoria and New South Wales. Established in 2019 with a small warehouse in Melbourne, the business has rapidly grown from one to seven staff.  

“We specialise in furniture upholstery for indoor and outdoor commercial and residential spaces. Every project is unique. All our items are custom made and we ensure they fit the joinery and all the other products around it. So, for every project, we have to be exact to the millimetre,” explains founder Dimitrii Kholiavskii.

The Avo Studio team doesn’t shy away from tricky projects. In cooperation with Melbourne-based commercial interior design firm, Studio 103, Avo Studio fitted banquettes and booth seats for the reception, waiting and kitchen areas of ID land.  

This project included curved benches with high-end fabrics and leather, which requires a specific skillset. Another challenge was the length of some benches, which meant that the team needed to install a five-metre-long backrest piece, which is not easy to install and doesn't fit into the typical cargo lift. Avo Studio mastered the challenge to the client’s satisfaction. 

Banquettes and booth seats for ID land
Banquettes and booth seats for ID land

Avo Studio collaborates with architects, builders, interior designers and decorators from the initial ideation phase, to sketches and architectural drawings, to the completed project. Its services include shop drawings, sample mock-ups to demonstrate the look and the feel of the product, and liaising with architects for the implementation of any changes. Investing the time to communicate all aspects of the project with all parties involved is a high priority, with the aim of meeting the client’s expectations. 

“Whether it is an office fit-out or a custom-designed residential furniture piece, we have a keen eye for stitch detailing, a passion for finishes, and always strive to select the appropriate materials for the furniture to last a lifetime,” says Dimitrii. 

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Long benches require a special skillset | Avo Studio
Long benches require a special skillset | Avo Studio
Booth seating by Avo Studio
Booth seating by Avo Studio

Banquettes and bench seats offer a multitude of advantages:

1. Space optimisation

Bench seats maximise and increase seating capacity, which can lead to higher revenue for restaurants and cafés. 

2. Storage integration

Lift-up or pull-out seats reveal storage compartments underneath, providing space for stowing away table linens, extra dinnerware, or even kids' toys in a residential setting, resulting in a clutter-free and visually appealing environment.

3. Design versatility 

Banquette and bench seats can be tailored to complement any interior design style. Avo Studio customises the seats with a wide range of upholstery fabrics, finishes, and detailing to seamlessly blend into the overall aesthetic of the interior space. 

4. Comfort and ergonomics

Well-padded cushions and backrests make bench seats a comfortable seating option in both residential and commercial settings. In restaurants, for example, they enhance the overall dining experience of the guests. At home, they create inviting spaces where family and friends can relax and socialise.

5. Easy maintenance

Banquettes and benches are often easier to clean and maintain than individual chairs. Using cushions with removable covers allows for easy replacement and ensures that the seating always looks fresh and inviting.

6. Customisation options

Bench seats offer a high degree of customisation. Designers and homeowners can choose the dimensions, materials, colours and finishes that suit their specific needs and preferences, creating truly unique and personalised seating arrangements that seamlessly integrate into the overall design concept.

Overall, banquettes and bench seats enhance both functionality and aesthetics, making them a popular choice for those looking to create inviting, efficient, and stylish seating arrangements.

Bench seats have also become popular among homeowners wanting to create personalised and comfortable spaces to socialise and relax. From built-in breakfast nooks to sumptuous window-side banquettes and kitchen benches next to the island, these tailored creations infuse luxury into everyday living.

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