Discover how this Australian lighting design company brings their award-winning lights to life

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13 May 2024


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From the industrial design classroom to a leading lighting design studio, the founders of ISM Objects have spent years honing their craft to deliver beautiful, unique lighting solutions for commercial and residential spaces. ArchiPro caught up with Simon Christopher, founder and designer, to learn more about their approach to lighting design.

For the founders of ISM Objects, lighting design is about more than just illuminating a space. 

“We believe that lighting design is an art form that has the power to transform spaces and enrich lives,” says Simon Christopher, designer and founder of ISM Objects. “Beautiful lighting design can enhance the mood and atmosphere of a space, creating a sense of comfort and well-being for its occupants, while also serving as a focal point or statement piece that adds visual interest and personality to the environment.”

Christopher founded ISM Objects with fellow industrial design student Celina Clarke in 1990. The pair set out to create pieces that were truly unique, designing and manufacturing each light locally. As the years passed, ISM Objects established a reputation for quality, contemporary design, and are now respected leaders in the Australian market.

Designing award-winning architectural lights 

The ISM Objects design process begins with research and concept development.

“We find inspiration from various sources, including nature, architecture, art, and even everyday objects. Observing how light interacts with different environments and materials often sparks creative ideas for us,” Christopher explains. 

Once the research and concept development phase has been completed, they will move on to sketching and prototyping. This phase is where the idea comes to life, allowing the designers to test and refine the concept before finalising the design for production. 

Christopher and Clarke’s designs are defined by an expert combination of functionality, aesthetics, and craftsmanship — the three key elements that make a great light. 

“The light should provide the right amount of illumination for its intended purpose while also enhancing the ambience of the space,” Christopher says.

Behind the round fascia of the Dotty Wall Light lies a dedicated LED module that generates a halo effect of even and indirect light to create a relaxed ambience.
Behind the round fascia of the Dotty Wall Light lies a dedicated LED module that generates a halo effect of even and indirect light to create a relaxed ambience.

From pendants to floor lamps, ISM Objects' collections show a penchant for contemporary elegance. With clean lines and intentional form, each aspect of the light is a valuable contribution to the whole. 

In order to create a piece that is both functional and beautiful, material choice is crucial. 

“We enjoy working with a variety of materials, but some of our favourites include spun aluminium, die-cast metal, and sustainable options like recycled plastics and reclaimed textiles.”

The incorporation of sustainable materials and principles is a development that has come as the business has grown. 

“Over the years, our design practice has evolved to embrace new technologies and sustainability principles,” Christopher explains. 

“As designers, we are constantly challenged to balance creativity with practicality, which means we must consider factors such as budget, manufacturing processes, and environmental impact while still pushing the boundaries of innovation. This has led us to prioritise energy-efficient solutions and incorporate advanced lighting controls into our designs.”

ISM Objects’ drive to create innovative lights sees them often problem-solving designs with intricate details or unconventional material choices. 

“Integrating LED technology into complex forms or working with delicate materials like hand-thrown ceramics requires precision and expertise,” Christopher says. 

It’s this expertise, combined with Christopher and Clarke’s shared passion, that has brought the pair success over the last three decades — and will continue to do so in the future.

“We envision ISM Objects continuing to push the boundaries of lighting design by exploring new technologies, materials, and aesthetic possibilities. We are passionate about creating lights that not only function beautifully but inspire and delight those who experience them. As we head into the future, our focus will remain on creating timeless designs that resonate with our customers.”

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