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12 decking timber options - which is best for you?

12 decking timber options - which is best for you?

Nothing beats the classic appearance of timber decking and its durability makes it a great material to go for. What you might not realise is that there is probably more types of timber than you think making your final choice a tricky one.

Words by Yohei Guy

There are many things to consider when trying to decide what the best decking timber is for your decking project. Different types of decking timber have different looks and different physical properties, some of which may or may not be suitable for your home environment.

Our simple guide covers the best woods for decking currently available in Australia which will hopefully shed some light on your important decision.

1. Accoya decking

Accoya is a modified timber that has the appearance of tropical hardwood timber. The modification process has made it an extremely durable option for decking. For example, swelling and shrinkage are reduced by 75% and it can last 50 years above ground. It's also virtually rot-proof.

2. Blackbutt decking

Blackbutt is a hardwood grown in the southern regions of Queensland and New South Wales. It is a robust timber that can endure harsh weather conditions very well with a little bit of care. With its natural brown-yellow colour, it’s a good option for staining. It also has a natural resistance to bushfires with a decent BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating.

Mortlock Timber - Metroplank Timber Decking

3. Cumaru decking

Cumaru timber is a type of Brazilian teak hardwood that originates from South America. It is another type of wood that has a fantastic tropical look with its rich, golden-red hue. This can change to grey over time if left exposed to the weather. It’s a robust hardwood that will provide stability throughout the year.

4. Jarrah decking

Jarrah is an Australian classic, grown in the southwest region of Western Australia. It is a high-quality hardwood with natural colours ranging from dark brown to red. It’s got impressive strength and durability credentials with a very handy resistance to rot. It’s a great solution for outdoor decks in this country.

5. Merbau decking

Merbau decking, also known as Kwila, is a Southeast Asian hardwood that is easy to work with. It has a deep reddish-brown appearance that is also a treat to the eyes. Like many of its counterparts, it will age to grey when weathered. It’s an extremely durable hardwood that is chemical-free and used extensively in Australia as one of the more popular choices.

6. Macrocarpa decking

Macrocarpa is an exotic softwood timber characterised by a unique, light-blonde colour. It's easy to work with and able to withstand outdoor conditions with the right maintenance and care. This care involves coating them with deck oil so they can season throughout the year.

7. Metroplank decking

Metroplank is a luxurious timber decking product that actually comes in a wide range of species like Jarrah, Ironbark and Pacific Teak. It has an incredibly innovative design that allows for the natural movement of the timber with no nails rising above the boards. It’s an incredibly low maintenance option delivering longevity and enjoyment for many years.

8. Spotted Gum decking

Spotted gum is an Australian native hardwood that grows in parts of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. It has soft shades of brown which is pleasing to the eye while being extremely robust and durable at the same time. Like Blackbutt, it too has natural fire resistant qualities and a high BAL rating, important for those who live in high fire risk areas.

9. Pacific Teak decking

Pacific teak timber (also known as Vitex decking) is a uniquely coloured hardwood with a grey to light green appearance. Its point of difference compared to other hardwoods is that has good bending qualities with the ability to cut across the grain. Used for decks, boat building, rails and more, it is a type of hardwood decking that has an excellent finish.

Innowood - Permium FIBA-DEK

10. Thermory Ash decking

Thermory Ash decking comes from North American and European forest sources. It has a deep brown colour that ages into a deep grey, however, the original colour can be preserved with proper maintenance. It’s a thermally modified timber which gives it some great advantages like increased durability and dimensional stability even when exposed to moisture.

11. Thermory Pine decking

There is also a Thermory Pine decking option too, this type from Northern Europe. Also thermally modified, it is a lighter coloured timber that is durable and stable for a variety of applications. UV Oil will help preserve its original colour, however, it is also a timber that can be nicely stained to a darker colour.

12. Vulcan Decking

Vulcan decking timber is extremely unique because it's created from thermally modified plantation timber that strengthens the durability of the wood. It's also treated with an organic preservative system that is able to repel water and increase its resistance to termites.

Discovering the best timber decking for you

As you can see there are a number of timber decking options that could very well be the perfect material for building your deck. So long as you pay attention to the practical needs and aesthetic qualities of your options, you’ll be in a great position to make the right choice for you.

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