Artfully concealing and revealing is the key to creating a wardrobe that sparks joy - Building AU
Artfully concealing and revealing is the key to creating a wardrobe that sparks joy

Artfully concealing and revealing is the key to creating a wardrobe that sparks joy

Words by Tanisha Angel

Though in an ideal world, we’d have an entire room dedicated to storing our clothing and shoes, space constraints often get in the way. Fortunately, a well-designed wardrobe can work to add space to your bedroom and improve functionality, making it an apt investment.

A tidy home begins in the bedroom, with a thoughtfully curated and designed wardrobe working to reduce clutter and improve organisation. Representing the understated protagonist you didn’t know your wardrobe needed, the Cinetto range of sliding systems from Wilson & Bradley works to streamline your space and inject convenience into your day-to-day life.

Read on to discover how to create a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle.

Cinetto Volo Sliding System for Overlapping Doors by Wilson & Bradley

Strategic storage

A place for everything and everything in its place; the right wardrobe should effortlessly accommodate your clothing and make identifying and selecting outfits in the morning a breeze. The right wardrobe setup varies depending on your clothing style. Those who gravitate towards dresses, coats, and other long-hanging items will benefit from high clothing rails, while those whose wardrobes primarily consist of jeans, pants, t-shirts and tops, or who own an abundance of shoes, will benefit from shelving or compartmentalised systems.

Cinetto B Moved by Wilson & Bradley

Conceal and reveal

Poorly chosen doors can be a barrier to effective storage. Doors that are too small reduce accessibility to items in your wardrobe, while outward-opening doors can be ineffective and take up space in smaller bedrooms. Customised sliding doors improve access to wardrobes and allow for more efficient use of space, with all storage compartments able to be reached and utilised.

The Cinetto B Moved system allows for the electrical opening and closing of various door systems. Silent and safe, B Moved promotes effortless access to your spaces and is equipped with both remote control and wave sensor capabilities, allowing you to access your space, your way. Plus, it’s compatible with smart home systems, allowing for total control at home and away.

Cinetto Piano Coplanar Door System by Wilson & Bradley

Seamless aesthetic

As it can be installed on doors of any material (provided it complies with capacity requirements), the Cinetto B Moved system allows for endless customisation. It works cohesively with both the Volo and Piano systems, making for seamless integration within any home. Ideal for expansive spaces, the Volo system equips overlapping doors with a smooth sliding functionality. Meanwhile, the Piano Coplanar system is suited to spaces large and small, allowing you to create any type of sliding door configuration with one, two or three doors. The track can be cut to size depending on client requirements, while the gap between the doors can be easily modified, promoting optimal flexibility.

Explore the Cinetto range of systems and solutions through Wilson & Bradley.

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