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Bathroom trends 2022: 11 inspirational ideas

Bathroom trends 2022: 11 inspirational ideas

Renovating your bathroom can be a big undertaking but before you even start you need to decide on a style. Looking at the latest bathroom trends is a good place to start for inspiration as the things that are trending are usually doing so for good reason.

Words by Yohei Guy

A wide range of furnishings, features, techniques and looks are included when it comes to bathroom trends for 2022. From exposed woods to indoor houseplants, tiles and interesting shower heads, you’ll find some great ideas that will help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

The stylish Clareville Bathroom by Northern Beaches Kitchens & Bathrooms

1. Add warmth to your bathroom using wood

Wood probably isn't the first material you'd think of in relation to a bathroom. Instead, you're probably thinking of porcelains, smooth tiles and ceramics. But in 2022, wood is in - from wood-like tiles to wooden floors - this year is all about adding warmth to your bathroom and incorporating nature.

And it's not just floors, walls and tiles that incorporate the use of wood. Bathroom trends in 2022 are seeing wooden decorations, including basins, mirrors, floating shelves and panel finishes.

Manhattan Rimless Wall Faced Toilet from Studio Bagno

2. Admire nature from the inside

Indoor houseplants are in this year, too. After the last few years of staying indoors as much as possible, people are embracing nature from inside the house. The plant trend is typically used as a focal point and connects nicely to the wood trend. Think big potted palm plants, lots of ferns and foliage as a way of bringing the outdoors, in.

3. Sophisticated showers

Every year there’s an increasing number of luxurious features when it comes to bathroom trends. More and more of us see our bathrooms as our haven and sanctuary and make choices to emulate this. 2022 is all about sophisticated showers - wet room, anyone?

There's currently an increase in demand for showers that take centre stage in a bathroom as opposed to being consigned in a corner. These showers also typically come complete with LED lights, (incredible) water pressure and bespoke panelling.

Torsion Alcove Hinged showers from Kohler Australia

4. Lots of mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, your bathroom needs to be covered in them all. In 2022, adding lots of mirrors to your bathroom is a very popular interior design trend. Many people are using this to make small bathrooms seem bigger by creating the illusion of space - and it works.

Floor-to-ceiling freestanding mirrors are one of the most popular styles that bring unique character and personality. Backlit mirrors are also very in at the moment. Often installed above a vanity sink, they create a great, flattering light making cleaning and grooming an easy and positive experience. The mirror is becoming such a significant feature that it is often used as the statement piece in bathrooms, whether it be the master bathroom or an en-suite.

5. Freestanding baths

To accompany their luxury showers, many homeowners are installing freestanding baths to enhance their sophisticated bathroom designs. Deep, porcelain tubs with contemporary stainless steel taps and plenty of space - what’s not to like? The freestanding bath is a classic when it comes to style with timeless qualities that will endure. It brings effortless elegance and a calming ambience.

Lust Freestanding Bath from Studio Bagno

6. Natural accents

A bathroom renovation can be a costly project but there are ways to make your space look luxurious without breaking the bank. Cue natural accents. Introduce natural materials into the design of the room, for example, candles, ceramics, and pebbles. Combine these additions with some fresh paint (neutral or earthy tones ideally) and add some essential oils into the mix to create a spa in your own home.

While this bathroom trend doesn’t involve a whole remodel if you're tight on budget or don't need to update the furnishings, small touches like these can make all the difference.

7. Twin sinks

This is a great idea if you live with your other half and tend to use the bathroom at the same time. Instead of getting in each other’s way, twin sinks or double basins can eliminate these issues and create a great centrepiece for your bathroom.

Popular choices this year include Greek taverna-style sinks made from attractive grey stone. This is perfectly accompanied by a large horizontal mirror surrounded by similar stone. To top it off, add some foliage hanging down from the mirror to create the ultimate Greek experience.

2 Double Basin from Stonebaths

8. Double showers

Quickly following twin sinks comes double showers which are only getting more and more popular every year. They're especially good for those who already have, or are installing large or walk-in shower enclosures. They allow couples to refresh themselves at the same time creating a more efficient and harmonious household giving you the best of both worlds.

Aesthetically, this trend also adds an elegant symmetry to a modern bathroom with the opportunity to match with stylish showerheads and tap fixings too.

9. Smart toilets

Smart toilets are aesthetically pleasing, feature-packed and environmentally friendly. They are made for top bathrooms and if that’s what you’re trying to create then you’ll want to take a close look at them for sure.

Some of their great features typically include:

  • Heated seating
  • Air dryer
  • Automatic flush
  • Foot warmer
  • Self-cleaning features
  • Remote control
  • Built-in sensors to alert you about potential tank leaks and more
The state-of-the-art Kohler Clean toilet from Kohler Australia

10. Wallpaper

Some people think wallpaper only belongs in bedrooms and living rooms but in 2022, bathroom wallpaper is in. Popular designs often used as a focal point for the bathroom interior include floral styles and colourful patterns and textures. Wallpaper works really well in conjunction with natural elements like wooden fixtures and houseplants. It also goes really well with towel linen, creating a contrast to crisp white towels and bath mats.

11. Subway tiles

Subway tiles are a bathroom tile classic so it's not surprising they've made it onto the list for bathroom trends in 2022. Typically made from ceramic materials, they lay horizontally with a 50% offset and are generally used as a statement piece. Subway tiles are typically placed in showers, around bathtubs or above the sink to catch any splashes.

Luxe Mint tiles from Ultimate Tiles

Bathroom trends in 2022 to inspire you

As we've shown, there are plenty of bathroom trends in 2022 to suit all personal preferences. Whether you're more of a plant person and want to immerse yourself in nature, or you want to go all-out in your bathroom and add a wet room, there's a design idea for everyone.

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