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17 Fantastic Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Australian Homes

17 Fantastic Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Australian Homes

Ceiling lighting might not be the first thing you think about when renovating your home but it should definitely be near the top of your list of things to get right. Most of the interior lighting in our homes comes from ceiling light fixtures which not only play an important functional role but one that impacts styling and ambience too. A quick look into the wide range of ceiling lighting ideas will show you the variety of designs and lighting strategies you have to choose from.

Words by Yohei Guy

1. A pop of coloured glass

A glass light fixture is fairly commonplace in the home but one with a bit of colour instantly becomes a feature. A coloured glass ceiling light brings a bit of uniqueness and a pleasing visual element too, much like that of a stained glass window.

They’ll bring warmth to a room with classical vibes, perfect for those who are into timeless and elegant fixtures.

Space Furniture - Meshmatic Chandelier

2. Modern tubes for tasks

Recessed lighting is the go-to for task lighting, especially in bathrooms and kitchens but there are other interesting ways to approach this. Cylindrical tube lighting is one that is both stylish and effective.

This modern style of ceiling light has a cylindrical casing that protrudes down from the ceiling. They can be found in a number of different lengths and finishes offering versatility for a variety of different settings and situations. They work especially well over a kitchen island or as task lighting in an office space.

This unique style of lighting also creates a unique linear effect, making short rooms appear taller. You can also mix and match with different lengths for a staggered aesthetic.

Space Furniture - Heracleum The Big O Suspension Lamp

3. Inverse your light styling

Inverse lighting works by having your light bulbs covered by a decorative piece which reflects light backwards against the ceiling. This is perfect for those who prefer indirect lighting, as the bulbs are fully covered by the decorative piece. Inverse lighting can come in a range of shapes and sizes.

It’s great for spaces where soft ambient light is preferable, such as the bedroom or living room. Installing light dimmers for adjustable lighting will also set the perfect tone for any activity.

Special Lights - Lilly Pendant

4. Go industrial with exposed light bulbs

If hidden lighting isn’t your thing, try the industrial approach by putting your lightbulbs out on display. Transparent glass shades will fully display your bulbs inside or you can do without the fixture altogether. Warm, soft or incandescent bulbs work best for this where you can see the glowing outline of the filament.

This style of lighting looks incredible outdoors, whether underneath a covered patio or under a cabana. It also looks stunning down a hallway where it is more pronounced in a narrow space.

Space Furniture - Rituals Suspension Lamp

5. Artistically asymmetrical fixtures

While many of us are attracted to symmetry in design, an assymetrical approach can definitely elevate your artistic credentials when pulled off well. Asymmetrical flush mount lights are a strong example of this as an alternative to standard downlights.

This is another idea that will bring a unique quality to your lighting plan, playing to a modern, minimalistic-yet-chic style that will stay fresh and trendy for many years to come.

6. Glamour up with gold

Gold finishes add a timeless and luxurious focal point to any space. It is the universal finish of elegance and sophistication that has permeated across cultures for thousands of years. It’s a style that looks amazing with warm-toned light bulbs, adding a classy, refined flair.

Gold finishes look great in bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, kitchens, or almost any space. Eye catching and alluring, it is a sure-fire way to bring a bit of glamour into your home.

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Special Lights - Contina

7. The perfection of spheres

A perfectly formed sphere conveys design precision, a great element to include as part of your lighting plan. Pendant lights are a great way to take advantage of this with many different options of this type available.

Spherical pendant lighting gives your space a bright glow and captures the eye of everyone in the room. They are simple but bold, elegant and refined. It looks great as an option for dining table lighting setting a great mood and atmosphere for sophisticated dinner-time conversation.

8. Make a statement with chandeliers

Lighting offers a great opportunity to make a statement in a space and nothing does that better than chandeliers.

Captivating crowds for centuries, chandeliers simply dazzle with its theatrical display of glass and light. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, they are great for dining rooms, living rooms, hallways and even entryways, creating a wondrous first impression with your guests.

Cult Design - Jolly Pendant

9. Practical-yet-sleek semi-flush mount light

When it comes to designing sources of light, many people love modern, low-profile lighting solutions. The importance of more subtle forms of lighting should not be underappreciated. While not as showy as a featured pendant, smaller fixtures can also be modern and luxurious too.

Semi-flush mount lighting is a great option for refined homes. Sleek and stylish, semi-flush mount lighting is also very practical. These lights do not jut out too far from the ceiling, making them a great choice for homeowners with lower ceilings who might think reccessed lighting is the only choice.

10. Rings of light

Ring lighting is a modern twist on the classic chandelier. Rather than have lighting and crystals hanging from hoops, the rings themselves are the sources of light.

The effect is bold, sleek and dynamic. With terrestrial vibes, the rings are aligned creating a perfect orbit of light. It is modern, fun, compelling and very unique.

Special Lights - Splendor Round Amber

11. Try a textured approach

Lighting isn’t always just about light itself. Other elements of the fixture and/or shade have a tangible impact on a space giving you another area of opportunity. The materials that the fixtures are made out of is one excellent example of this and the ability to play with texture.

Combinations of different materials and finishes is one way of creating contrast and depth. The combination of woods and metals for example, is a classic one to consider that will naturally and effortlessly elevate your ceiling light.

12. Patterned lighting with shadows

Constant, smooth lighting is preferable in the kitchen or in your main living areas, but it isn’t the only option. For lighting ideas in accent areas, like stairwells, dining rooms, or hallways there are a few other tactics worth trying.

Placing a uniquely patterned shade over a bulb will cast a patterned glow around a space. This approach can be realised in many different ways and styles from heavily patterned to hardly obstructed. These are a lot of fun in areas that do not require bright, unfiltered lights.

LightCo - Circus Pendant Light

13. A kialeidoscopic of fun

If you like the idea of patterned light but not sure about it for an entire space, then you can pick a lighting option that casts the pattern upwards at the ceiling. These types of lights give you the fun of the patterns, without overpowering the room in its entirety.

The upwards cast of the light makes these lights practical for living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms. They are a great way to personalise a space.

14. Chic and on-trend hanging lights

Hanging pendant lights are a reliable option that are naturally trendy, especially as a living room lighting idea. They make an excellent focal point for a space while still keeping things minimalistic and chic.

The long extension between the ceiling mount and the bulbs gives long, vertical lines, perfect for giving the impression of a high ceiling. They would look great over a dining nook or smaller coffee table, where they can highlight an area of your home.

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LightCo - Cone Pendant Light

15. Don’t dismiss bar lighting

Ceiling lighting doesn’t just mean lighting for an entire room. It can also be used to focus on parts of rooms like that over kitchen islands, coffee stations or home bars. Specifically, this is referred to as bar lighting and is incredibly important for the functionality and styling over this space.

They come in a range of different types, styles and finishes most of which are task-orientated as you might expect. Wood finishes are great here for contemporary styling while minimalistic beam lights offer another modern alternative. Whatever your choice, be sure you commit just as much time to the decision as you would when designing your lighting plan for an entire room

Urban Lighting - Bau Pendant

16. Ambience and layers with caged lighting

Caged lighting is growing in popularity. It is perfect for modern and industrially designed homes as a tough, not-quite-exposed lighting option. The mesh of the cage obscures the light bulbs inside without completely blocking off the shape of the bulb inside. This creates the perfect ambient glow full of texture and depth.

These caged lighting options would look great in any space, especially in dining rooms and moody living rooms.

Ceiling lighting ideas to inspire you

Your home may be beautiful, but without proper lighting, it’ll never reach its fullest potential. As you can see by these wide-ranging ceiling lighting ideas, the sky’s the limit with regards to choices and styles. Knowing how these examples look and work will hopefully act is good inspiration for your own ideas to help you achieve the exact lighting design you’re after.

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