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Fantastic outdoor kitchen ideas for every budget

Fantastic outdoor kitchen ideas for every budget

There’s no better summer experience than cooking delicious food outdoors for family and friends. These great outdoor kitchen ideas cover all the basics you need to know to set up your own glorious outdoor kitchen, no matter what your budget might be.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

The outdoor kitchen has always been more than just a BBQ on a deck. It’s a legitimate kitchen system designed to bring a higher level of quality and sophistication to an occasion and culinary experience. It is a more permanent part of the home that is comfortable to be in, increasing its value at the same time. If you’ve been thinking about it for a while and are keen to see some great ideas for outdoor kitchens then you’ve come to the right place.

How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

Outdoor cooking equipment is like any other extensive range of products with costs that can vary widely. Simple charcoal barbecue can start from as little as $50 whereas a top of the line built-in outdoor stove can cost around $7,000 + installation fee.

While aesthetics are important for some, they are not an integral part of cooking. What is important, if you’re serious about cooking, is a high-performing cooking unit that delivers. Budget at least $1,000 for a good-quality unit that is built to last and cooks well.

What are the advantages of an outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchen units have many benefits combining the functionality required for the outdoors with the convenience enjoyed of the indoors. While we stressed their operational importance, it’s also nice to get one with a bit of style as well. Thankfully, there is no shortage of exquisite outdoor kitchen units that will complement the lushness of your yard while maintaining the seamless flow from the interior to the exterior living.

If budget isn’t an issue, then you’re in a great position to run with your inspiring ideas and plan the perfect kitchen layout. Some easy outdoor bbq area ideas can include pairing a stainless steel bbq island with matching outdoor kitchen cabinets. Paved areas, attractive decking and well-positioned plants never fail to please the eye either.

What are your best outdoor kitchen options?

Your outdoor space and budget will dictate many of the options you go with as there are no other real limitations and plenty of outdoor bbq area ideas and outdoor kitchen designs to explore. You should really look at your outdoor kitchen space as a blank canvas, starting afresh with products and choices that will maximise your enjoyment.

The BBQ island

A bbq kitchen island has, and always will be, a popular choice in Australia. The best outdoor bbq kitchens bring tradition, style and functionality altogether as one nice outdoor kitchen package. A standard and durable unit should cost around $1,000 with a few additional features. There are other options at either end of the price scale from this so it’ll just depend on what you’re willing to part with.

A pizza oven

It’s hard to beat an outdoor pizza oven especially if you’re anything close to resembling a pizza lover. As soon as you have one of these, you’ll never have the need for pizza delivery again as homemade pizzas always taste better. As well as pizzas, these wood fired ovens can roast vegetables and even bake bread. You can actually build these from scratch or buy them for between $500 to $1,500.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets

Storage is an essential part of kitchen decor if not the most important. However, they don’t just have to provide functional benefits. You can extend your cooking zone and prep areas with beautifully matching outdoor kitchen cabinets.

In particular, aluminium kitchen cabinets are a great option where the kitchen sits under a weatherproof pergola. The options don’t end there with plenty of products to consider for outdoor cabinetry.

Nover - Trepsa Meteon

What things do I need for an outdoor kitchen?

There are a few essentials to bear in mind when building an outdoor bbq area:

  • A built-in cooking appliance
  • At least 1 metre of food prep space

For extra functionality you may also consider:

  • A sink
  • Storage for pots, pans, utensils etc
  • One or two outdoor fridges
  • Task-related and ambient lighting
  • Shelter and shade from the elements
  • A heater for warmth on colder nights

What type of cooking will I be doing outdoors?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the type of cuisine you can cook with your outdoor kitchen complete. With the outdoor grill, you’ll be able to easily manage Western and European style BBQ dishes. For something like South Asian and East Asian cuisine, you might want to opt for higher flamed cookers that will work better with deep woks in mind.

A few options according to your budget

As previously mentioned, a big influence when building an outdoor kitchen is your budget. To give you a more specific idea of what different kitchens look like according to your budget we’ve broken it down into 3 categories.

Below $5k

For just under $5k you can achieve a kitchen that is both affordable and trendy. It’s enough to allow you to invest in a good cooking unit, saving money by getting help from your friends and family to set it up. Permanent sheltering might not be possible with this budget but portable umbrellas can offer some respite. You could otherwise choose a cooking unit with wheels that can be moved under shelter once used.

A chiminea, freestanding gas heater or low-cost paving will work well in the outdoor area of this budget. For outdoor fridges though, you may need extra funds to get one of decent quality.

Between $5-30k

This budget is quite a step up and can get you those additional features like a shelter (ideally with a pergola style) with attractive paving and decking. This cost bracket is also suitable for additional heating products for those chilly nights. You can also easily include an outdoor fridge and even an outside sink. Plumbing costs can easily escalate so try to keep the latter add-on to a minimum to keep it within budget.

Above $30k

Outdoor kitchen ideas are almost endless when price is no barrier. An expansive budget will get you expansive luxury if that’s what you’re after. A custom-made kitchen fitted with the best, most exquisite appliances, complete with shelter, decking, furnishings and heating should definitely be your baseline.

With this high-end budget, you can have a number of outdoor kitchen units. You can also do the same for fridges, choosing models with specific purposes, drinks/foods/snacks etc. An interior designer will help create the most stylish outdoor dining area imaginable with opulent decor to match. With this type of budget, you could create anyone’s dream patio kitchen.

How can I style the outside kitchen area?

If you already have experience decorating the interior of your home then doing so for the outdoors will come a little more naturally. There are some simple things that can make a big difference in comfort and ambience. Things like adding plush cushions, accent lighting, unique outdoor cabinets and ornate lanterns can have a significant impact with little effort required. There are plenty of budget-friendly options out there too in the outdoor living range so be sure to shop around.

Outdoor kitchen ideas for all

With so many options and choices to choose from, you’ll have no problems creating an outdoor kitchen that will work for you and your family all year round. Whether it’s a rustic DIY pizza oven or a luxurious outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles - you’ll be able to create a great living space that will be enjoyed by one and all for many years to come.

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