For the creative, low-maintenance dwelling, steel is the material of choice - Building AU
For the creative, low-maintenance dwelling, steel is the material of choice

For the creative, low-maintenance dwelling, steel is the material of choice

Not merely reserved for commercial projects, steel cladding provides a durable, aesthetically pleasing cladding solution for Australian homes in coastal areas and harsh environments

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Often thought of a material solely reserved for commercial projects, steel has a plethora of benefits for their residential counterparts. Low maintenance and cost-effective, steel cladding comes in a multitude of colours and finishes, allowing it to seamlessly slot into any architectural aesthetic. In particular, steel proposes the ideal materials for weathering harsh Australian environmental conditions, making it an apt choice for properties in coastal areas or locations prone to fire and flooding.

Despite its myriad uses, steel has often been perceived as a harsh and somewhat cold material with a definitively industrial aesthetic. UniCote by Selection Steel defies this notion, as a range available in a wide variety of colours, patterns and textures that serve to complement the Australian landscape and bring projects to life. To help simplify the steel selection process, we’ve broken down the key steel options to consider for your next project.

Hotham Residence. Product by UniCote | Photography by Nathan Fenton


A premium pre-painted metal product specifically designed to withstand harsh Australian environmental conditions, UniCote comes in a vast array of colours to provide optimal design flexibility. Durable and designed with long-lasting colour retention in mind, it’s able to be roll formed to the profile of your choice, allowing for optimal versatility.

For Hotham Residence, set within the snowy peaks of Mount Hotham in the Victorian Alps, UniCote Matt In Midnight Matte was the ideal finishing touch. Blending contemporary architectural details with simple design, the classically understated finish of UniCote Matt allows Hotham Residence to make a striking statement by contrasting the dark hue of the steel with the blinding white snow.

Mooloolaba House. Product by UniCote | Photography by Rollsec

UniCote LUX

Created with high-end Australian architecture in mind, UniCote LUX is a pre-painted steel product. Uniting the world’s best coil coating technology with rigorous Australian standards, UniCote LUX delivers unparalleled performance with a luxurious aesthetic. Patterned and textured finishes provide a sense of warmth and intimacy, creating a dialogue between a home and its surroundings.

Located on the beachfront, Mooloolaba House on the Sunshine Coast selected UniCote LUX for its contemporary aesthetic and superior weathering performance. The Spectrum pattern features on the steel, with the wavy design working cohesively with the coastal nature of the property and adding a touch of personality. Meanwhile, the charcoal hue serves as the ideal complement to the white elements of the facade, creating a dynamic monochromatic residence.

Wye Residence. Product by UniCote. Photography by Peter Bennetts


Created to withstand the harshest environments, MagnaFlow takes the already durable zinc and aluminium alloy-coated steel substrate to the next level through the addition of magnesium. This works to prevent premature corrosion, with a substantial coating further lending MangaFlow to use in coastal properties and other extreme environments. The increased durability doesn’t come at the cost of style, with MagnaFlow available in a plethora of colours, from neutral blacks, whites, and greys, to heritage-style shades of red, green, and blue.

Following destructive bushfires that swept through Wye River in 2015, Wye Residence was constructed to replace a beloved coastal getaway that has sadly been reduced to ashes. With both the close proximity to sea and susceptibility to bushfires in mind, MagnaFlow was selected to ensure environmental protection without sacrificing the client’s aesthetic desires. With its eye-catching geometric construction and ability to weather the harshest conditions, MagnaFlow ensures Wye Residence will truly stand the test of time.

To learn more about Selection Steel’s UniCote products, visit their ArchiPro profile here.

Words by Tanisha Angel

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