From trend-setting to timeless, the tile styles to try in every room of the house - Building AU
From trend-setting to timeless, the tile styles to try in every room of the house

From trend-setting to timeless, the tile styles to try in every room of the house

Combining style and durability, tiles can be used to add function and personality to every room of the house

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Equal parts aesthetic and practical, tiles are one of the go-to materials of choice for bathrooms and kitchen splashbacks. However, the easy maintenance and hygienic nature of tiles lend them for use around the house, with the vast array of tile styles available meaning they needn’t be relegated to solely functional purposes. Representing a perfect marriage of durability and style, Stone3 tiles come in myriad styles, with game-changing tiles for every space. From creative feature walls to timeless flooring, these are the best tile styles to try in every room of the house.

D_Segni Blend Deco by Stone3

For kitchen floors… try patterned tiles

Making a case for walking with your head held down, a beautifully patterned floor tile injects vibrance and personality into any space. The D_Segni Blend Deco draws inspiration from handmade Italian cement tiles, with this symmetrical green pattern offering a Mediterranean feel, working to enliven a neutral kitchen or slot cohesively into an already colourful one.

Fornace by Stone3

For open-plan living spaces… try large-scale tiles

In homes with open-plan kitchen and living areas, it can be tempting to delineate areas by having different tiles or floor surfaces for each zone. However, using a singular material over the entirety of your open-plan space aids in making your home feel more spacious and ensures a smoother transition between zones. Large-format tiles with ultra-thin grout lines are easy to clean and exude elegance. Crafted from porcelain, the Fornace series adds interest through a textured, matte finish that imbues spaces with a sense of earthiness while remaining timeless.

Casablanca by Stone3

For a statement shower… try colourful subway tiles

A fun spin on the classic white iteration, subway tiles in colourful hues can turn a bathroom or shower area into a feature wall. Alternate between different shades of blue like these Casablanca tiles, or frame a block of colourful tiles between a neutral hue. For a slightly different effect, try stacking your tiles in a vertical pattern.

Pasha by Stone3

For a timeless kitchen splashback… try glazed subway tiles

Toeing the line between trendy and timeless, Pasha glazed tiles with a ripple effect in muted, earthy hues are striking yet stand the test of time. For a splashback that makes a statement, arrange your tiles diagonally rather than horizontally.

Tropicana by Stone3

For impactful powder rooms… try digitally printed tiles

The ideal practical alternative to patterned wallpaper, digitally printed tiles are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean, making them an apt fit for bathrooms and powder rooms. For a powder room that makes guests stop in their tracks, the nature-inspired Tropicana tiles are the pattern of choice, pairing well with gold hardware and dark, moody colours as well as more muted tones.

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Words by Tanisha Angel

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