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How a unique quoting system can change the flooring game

How a unique quoting system can change the flooring game

Often, quotes for flooring or re-flooring projects can be inaccurate, easily missing small but important details that tend to inflate the end-price. With Floorwise's unique quoting system, there's much less chance of having a nasty surprise on the final invoice.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

The re-flooring process is often a fraught one, complete with challenging logistics, hard decisions, and the need for a considerable attention to detail.

When done right, new floors can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of a new build or renovation — but the difference between satisfaction and disappointment often comes down to whether the project is correctly budgeted.

Like in many other areas of renovation and construction, stakeholders commonly expect installation costs to exceed their budgets. Perhaps the most common challenge to overcome is the navigation of ‘unforeseen’ costs — in flooring, this often means anything that does not include the costs of the materials and the installation service itself.

But that doesn’t always need to be the case. A good quality quoting system can help bridge the gap between unforeseen costs and a fully-accounted-for budget — and this is the area where Floorwise excels.

Floorwise offers multiple flooring options, from carpets and tiles to vinyl and timber.

Floor2 Quick Quote: a game changer

As a company, Floorwise specialises in all forms of flooring: carpets, vinyls, ceramic tiles, timber floors and more, and provides for both commercial and residential markets. From hotels and retail stores to apartment buildings and government housing projects, Floorwise is one of the largest suppliers in the region.

But owner Seamus Lynch says that it’s the company’s quoting apparatus, Floor2 Quick Quote, that sets it apart.

“Our website is the only one of its kind in New Zealand where you can get an instant and accurate quote which doesn’t just cover the product — it covers the uplift, the install, the preparation, the materials.

“You give yourself a login, answer some questions, enter some measurements, and you’ve got your quote as if you’re standing in my showroom.”

Accuracy is the hallmark of the quoting system, Seamus says. The idea for it originally came about when Seamus was working in Ireland during the construction boom the late 2000’s. When the construction industry crashed, along with most others during the Global Financial Crisis, Seamus had time to ponder how his business and industry could be streamlined for the future.

He noted in the past that many customers grew frustrated at the skyrocketing costs that flew beyond budgets during flooring projects, and set out to prevent such headaches — for the benefits of both clients and suppliers.

“I decided to put together a website which allowed people to get an accurate and complete quote online, that could only be wrong if they put the wrong measurements,” says Seamus.

This helped avoid the common scenario at the end of a project where clients needed to fork out more money than intended because their quote did not include every minute cost.

Floorwise's Floor2 Quick Quote aims to have the accuracy of quotes as high as possible.

It's not just about the quotes

The system doesn’t just deliver accurate quotes — it also solved another issue prevalent in the flooring industry.

“In the New Zealand commercial flooring industry, measurements were always done in square metres,” says Seamus. “But in the domestic market, it was done in lineal metres — and this was confusing to a lot of people.

“So I decided to put together a website where all products were measured in the more widely understood square metres, and where you could get a square metre complete quote on your floor job.”

The system also doubles as a means for Floorwise to get directly in touch with prospective clients. Once a quote has been completed, Floorwise will be notified, and upon seeing the unique specifications of the enquiry, will call them and offer to perform an in-person survey and consultation at the client’s convenience.

“Once we see that a submission’s gone through, they’ll get emailed their quote straight away, and then follow up — asking them if they’ve received the quote, if they’re happy with it, whether they need any further information, and when would be a good time for us to come out to double check it and finalise the quote,” says Seamus.

This way, unnecessary preliminary site visits are avoided, which often waste both parties’ time. For example, a prospective client may decide against the flooring work after an in-person quote, resulting in no business for the company; and often clients need time off work to be at home to receive a surveyor. With a fully online preliminary process valuable time and effort is saved on both sides of the process.

“That was also another reason why I put this together: these days, time is often a luxury, and this simple feature has proved time and again to save a lot of it.”

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