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11 Kitchen Lighting Ideas For 2022

11 Kitchen Lighting Ideas For 2022

When designing a kitchen, every element makes a difference. Lighting can be one of the most important factors, and if done right it can bring your whole kitchen together. With all the choices available, you can get pretty creative, so you should explore the options you have to help make your dream kitchen a reality.

Words by Yohei Guy

Choosing the right type of lighting can be difficult. Your choices will influence the look and feel of your kitchen so it's crucial to match it to the style you're after. As these great kitchen lighting ideas demonstrate, you can use different types of lighting, different placements, positions, combinations and more for a wide range of looks

1. Mixing up features

One of the most interesting lighting ideas you can go for is to vary your ceiling lights. Mixing and matching your fixtures can give a quirky, unique look.

Bear in mind this works best if you have a variety of fixtures, but stick to a core theme ensuring that everything works well together. An example of this could be to have three lights in a row that are different styles, but all made from brass.

Urban Lighting - Finnegan Large Pendant

2. Feature lighting to add to a neutral theme

A white kitchen has long been a popular choice and is still common in many modern homes. With a neutral theme like this, you can make lighting choices that really stand out as features of the space.

Adding light fixtures that are a different colour can add an instant pop to the kitchen area. Some even choose to do this in conjunction with other aspects of kitchen hardware like faucets and cabinet handles. This adds an extra element of cohesion and definition to the room.

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3. Illuminating textures for depth

There are some fantastic lighting fixtures available these days in a wide range of interesting finishes, each with their own textural qualities and characteristics. These can bring great depth to a space, especially when illuminated.

Light and shadow can also play a part in this especially when choosing lighting sources with enclosed frames. These can be strong or subtle depending on the desired effect one’s after.

4. Solo pendant light as a focal point

It's common to have multiple light fixtures in a kitchen, but sometimes a single light can work very well. If your kitchen has high ceilings you can add something quite elaborate that really stands out while serving all your needs for ambient lighting.

Pendant lights are fantastic for precisely this purpose. There is a great range of unique and interesting options, especially when considering designer pendant lights that have functional and artistic qualities.

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LightCo - Organic Pendant Light

5. Materials that reflect light

The materials around your kitchen can affect how the lighting works. This applies to both the lights you add as well as natural light.

Adding reflective surfaces can make the light bounce around the room, helping make your kitchen feel a bit brighter. You can do this with glass cabinet doors, adding a mirror, or even using reflective materials in the light fixtures themselves.

6. LED strips for hidden lighting

LED strip lighting can go in a range of places in your kitchen and is easy to conceal. You can add it underneath or on top of cabinets, around open shelving, or even under the edge of countertops.

With LED strips you can often adjust the colour, which makes them great for mood lighting. They're also generally very easy to install.

Urban Lighting - Gunnar Pendant

7. Cabinet lighting, inside and out

When thinking about the lighting in your kitchen, you shouldn't just consider the overall aesthetic, but also the functionality. Depending on your ceiling lights, there might be some darker spots in your kitchen.

Cabinet lights will ensure all areas of your countertop are well lit. You also have the opportunity to install lights inside your cabinets too. Again this can cover any dark spots that exist and add a bit of visual depth to your kitchen.

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Fluxwood Lighting - Hollow Light

8. Save energy with LED Lights

Lighting plans in the modern era need to be energy efficient and embracing the use of LED lights is a great way to ensure that it is. LED lights use far less energy than traditional bulbs make them cost-effective and sustainable.

On top of that, LED lights also last much longer, so you won't need to change them as often, lasting for a number of years in most instances.

9. Oversized lighting that stands out

Regardless of how most people design their kitchens, you should design yours however you want to. This might mean thinking a bit outside of the box with some bold, eye catching and even perhaps unorthodox lighting choices in the space.

Something like task lighting with large lampshades over a kitchen island can create a very unique feel. Some even go as far as to install chandeliers in their kitchens which are about as big a statement as you can make with lighting. If you add anything oversized, just ensure it hangs above the eye-line so it doesn't become a hazard for taller members of the household (you’d be suprised how often this happens).

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Special Lights - Bossanova

10. Match light fittings to your furniture

This can be a bit tricky but adding light fixtures that match the furniture can bring the room together better and give a more sophisticated feel. If you have an open plan modern kitchen and dining room area you can match the fittings to the furnishings within, be it chairs, dining tables or fabrics.

If possible you can try to match materials, finishes or patterns but sometimes just matching the colour can help give the desired effect, making it feel like a professional interior designer has pulled it all together.

Pick your favourite kitchen lighting ideas

With all these kitchen lighting ideas to choose from, you’ve got some great starting points to begin making your own plans. The design of your kitchen will affect how these various options will work, so think about how your kitchen looks and the style you're going for to help you make the right choice. They don’t have to work in isolation either so feel free to integrate whatever ideas you need to create a kitchen lighting plan that works for you.

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