Screenwood provides an effortless way to elevate commercial interiors - Building AU
Screenwood provides an effortless way to elevate commercial interiors

Screenwood provides an effortless way to elevate commercial interiors

When it comes to designing a commercial space, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment will deliver an optimal first impression. Whether for retail, hospitality, health or education, deliberate material selections not only address style and utility, but create an atmosphere that just feels good.

Words by Tanisha Angel

Modulo Panel by Screenwood provides a complete solution for an array of commercial interiors. A highly durable product, these sculpted tongue and groove lining boards lend themselves for use in high-traffic areas, without compromising on design. Modulo Panel is crafted from fire-resistant fibreboard and is supplied prefinished to create beautiful, compliant surfaces that require little to no maintenance.

Gram Café & Pancakes with Modulo Panel wall paneling

Unparalleled style

Available in 10 profiles and 29 Navurban finishes, Modulo Panel elevates any interior aesthetic by imbuing a space with character and charm. Uniquely, Modulo Panel offers seamless integration with cabinetry and other architectural products featuring Navurban finishes. 

The Navurban standard range effortlessly emulates the appearance of real timber by using Japanese non-PVC Olefin surface technology and is 3D-embossed to create variation and texture, as seen in the Batten profile wall paneling at Gram Café & Pancakes. New to the range are the Silken and Elements finishes, available in lustrous and tactile contemporary shades.

Sydney City Tattersall's Group with Modulo Panel partition

Endless applications

The versatility of Modulo Panel allows them to be used in any project brief, including curved applications. In the Sydney City Tattersall's Group building, Modulo Panel Arc profile gracefully flows around a curved partition, delineating the space and improving the ambience in the venue. In addition, Modulo Panel maximises drama by spanning lengths up to 5.4m, uninterrupted by joints.

Premium quality

Further to the ample opportunities for creative license, Modulo Panel’s tongue-and-groove design allows for seamless ceiling and wall applications without any visible fixings. In all profile styles, the concealed screw fixing system works to create a continuous lining that doesn’t detract from the space. Plus, Modulo Panel looks just as good as the day they’re installed for years to come, without the need for intense maintenance. All products in the range are resistant to fire, water and UV exposure, and won’t split or warp over time.

Install and go

Proving high quality and efficiency needn’t be mutually exclusive, Modulo Panel is simple to install, optimised for quick and versatile installation. As they’re already prefinished, installation is equal to completion with no downtime watching paint dry.

Learn more about the Modulo Panel and explore Screenwood's range of modular linear systems by visiting their ArchiPro profile here.

Words by Tanisha Angel

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