Security and elegance intersect at a Wollongong bank - Building AU
Security and elegance intersect at a Wollongong bank

Security and elegance intersect at a Wollongong bank

Combining sophistication and security, the entrance to the IMB Bank in Wollongong employs an array of high-tech Boon Edam solutions

Words by Tanisha Angel

Proving functional requirements needn’t come at the cost of style, the entrance of the IMB Bank in Wollongong sits at the intersection of elegance and style. With a desire to create an entryway that was open and welcoming to visitors while incorporating state-of-the-art security to protect valuable data, intellectual property and people, Boon Edam’s range of security entrances was a natural fit.

Crystal Tourniket by Boon Edam

Proactive design

Favoured among local major banks and Fortune 500 companies for their ability to unite practicality with refinement, three key elements of Boon Edam technology were used for the new IMB Bank entrance. Visitors and customers are greeted by two Boon Edam Crystal Tourniket all-glass revolving doors which create a sleek and striking initial impression. Inside, three Speedlane Lifeline Swing speedgates – including one wide lane suitable for disabled or pram access – ensure swift and secure entry. Elsewhere, a Winglock Swing access gate adds further security to delineate a designated meeting space.

Speedlane Lifeline Swing by Boon Edam

“After reviewing a range of product proposals, we found that Boon Edam’s range had the ideal combination of aesthetics and security that IMB was seeking,” says IMB head of facilities, Greg Dowd. “The security speedgates give us greater control over access to the building, and they alert us to any tailgating or access breaches. Limiting access to only authorised personnel not only protects our staff, but it also protects the data of our customers, which we always store securely.”

Balancing customer security with ease of use for employees, the access control system for the new entrance facilities was integrated with IMB Bank’s preexisting Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, allowing the speedgates to feed data directly to the preexisting system.

Speedlane Lifeline Swing by Boon Edam

Sophisticated aesthetics

The security solutions offered by Boon Edam work cohesively with the contemporary, streamlined design of the IMB Bank foyer. Compact and unobtrusive, the slim nature of the Speedlane Lifeline Swing speedgates lends them to use in narrow entrances and lobbies where space may be sparse.

“The slim design and finishes of the speedgates were what attracted us to the Boon Edam product in the first place,” explains Greg. “Their overall designs are sleek, modern and in keeping with our foyer design. We could also customise the materials and colours to suit our foyer, and that really sealed the deal.”

Winglock Swing by Boon Edam

Similarly, the all-glass composition of the customisable revolving Crystal Tourniket doors let in an abundance of natural light, creating a positive space for visitors and employees. Crafted from stainless steel and featuring a single glass panel, the Winglock Swing is a low-profile security solution that can be used on its own or in tandem with other systems. The single-wing access gate swings bi-directionally, managing traffic from both sides while separating the IMB Bank meeting space from the foyer.

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Words by Tanisha Angel

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