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Take the plunge: why you should consider investing in a spa this winter

Take the plunge: why you should consider investing in a spa this winter

From allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors all year round to being the ideal small space solution, a spa could be just what your backyard needs this winter

Words by Tanisha Angel

Whether they’re installed with health in mind or as the pièce de résistance of an outdoor entertaining space, a spa can be the ideal addition to your backyard. While traditional hot-tub-style spas are always popular, swim spas seamlessly combine relaxation with fitness in a single unit. Though pools are thought of as something solely reserved for larger homes, a lavish lap pool isn’t the only option, with plunge pools, swim spas, and traditional spas proving those in compact spaces can reap the same relaxing and restorative benefits.

Eagle by Endless Pools and Spas

Spas are perfect for smaller spaces

Homeowners with limited backyard space often resign themselves to a home without a pool. However, spas and plunge pools make for the ideal small space solution, with above-ground varieties even working well in apartments with balcony space. From compact plunge pools and intimate two-person spas to models that accommodate up to 10 people, there’s an option for every space.

For those who desire the exercise benefits of a lap pool but don’t have the space, a swim spa is an ideal alternative. Options such as the Endless Pools and Spas Eagle or Jaguar measure as little as 4.5m x 2m and fit neatly into small backyards, while their current allows you to swim continuously.

Hawaii by Endless Pools and Spas

Tap into the benefits of hydrotherapy

Spas can have therapeutic benefits, with the hot temperature, water jets, and feeling of weightlessness aiding in improving sleep quality, reducing stress and anxiety, and lowering blood pressure. The effect of the water jets and weightlessness is particularly beneficial for those with muscle soreness and even skeletal ailments, with both working in tandem to provide relief while promoting heightened flexibility, strength, and a wider range of motion.

Cute Cove by Endless Pools and Spas

Seamless aesthetic

Spas often have a reputation for being obtrusive and disrupting the aesthetic of a home. However, inground spas, swim spas, and plunge pools take on a seamless aesthetic, slotting into any decking material. Several products in the Endless Pools and Spas range have the ability to be installed inground, semi-inground, or above ground.

A classically stylish option, the Cute Cove pool takes on a round shape and can fit into even the smallest backyards. The option to add spa jets allows it to serve double duty as both a plunge pool and a hydrotherapy experience.

Jaguar by Endless Pools and Spas

Stay warm while experiencing the great outdoors

In winter, entertaining all too often becomes a solely indoor affair. However, the addition of a spa or swim spa promotes the continued use of outdoor entertaining spaces well into the cooler months, creating a new place for guests to congregate and catch up. During the cooler months, a spa can also act as a solitary respite from the world, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature while staying warm.

A new way to exercise

For those with joint pain, injuries and muscular conditions, traditional methods of working out can cause more harm than good. Both cardiovascular exercise and strength training can be performed in swim spas, with the water safeguarding against injury. In addition to swimming against the current, there’s even the option to install a Swim Tether to take your in-water exercise regime to the next level by incorporating resistance training.

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Words by Tanisha Angel

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