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5 ways with fluted glass

5 ways with fluted glass

Fluted, reeded, ribbed, ridged, or grooved glass—whatever you like to call it—is making a big splash on the design scene across kitchens, bathrooms and furniture. Here's five fresh ways you can incorporate it into your home.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

We've recently seen a huge surge in popularity of a glass detail that was most commonly seen in the Art Deco era. Fluted glass contains the elegance and simple linear detail of that sophisticated time in history and homeowners are now incorporating it into their interiors in a myriad of modern ways. 

Here we offer five ways you can implement fluted or reeded glass into the interiors of your home.

  1. Lounge furniture

While the detail of grooved glass is pure Art Deco in style, furniture designers are getting very clever at combining the character charm with strict modern lines and geometric shapes. This Tab coffee table from EDITO is the perfect example of combining old with new in a piece that would sit well in any interior. Another popular lounge furniture piece that uses fluted glass is a timber bookcase with grooved glass doors. 

The Tab rectangle coffee table with fluted glass from EDITO comes in black and brass.

2. Lighting

Lighting designers have taken fluted glass to the next level by combining it with opulent looking metals for a glamorous olde-world look, to create lighting "jewellery" (this Ruby chandelier from TRENZSEATER is the perfect example). Ribbed glass wall sconces are another popular way to add a touch of elegance. 

Fluted glass lighting like the Ruby chandelier from TRENZSEATER can add a stunning Art Deco-style feature in your interiors,

3. Shower screens

If you want to elevate your bathroom design, fluted glass is the perfect way to do it. It adds a touch of sophistication and can be combined with black accents for a modern look, as in this monochrome bathroom with glass shower screen by Crest Showers. The added bonus is that it's easier to keep looking clean!

This reeded glass shower screen from Crest Showers looks stunning framed in black.

4. Bedroom furniture

Take a bit of Art Deco glam into the bedroom with slick bedsides that feature a fluted glass-front, like this one from Tate bedside from Hawthorne. Another option for incorporating grooved glass into your bedroom is through installing sliding reeded glass wardrobe doors panels. They not only look elegant, but they create a neat frosted-look that allows you to faintly see your clothing. 

Incorporate fluted glass into your bedroom furniture - this slick black Tate glass bedside from Hawthorne collections is a perfectly elegant way to incorprate fluted glass in your bedroom.

5. In the kitchen

A popular new way of incorporating ridged glass is through the kitchen splashback. It's a subtle but effective way to add some detail and to mix it up, you can play with different coloured backdrops behind it. Again, it also looks cleaner for longer, so it's a great option for busy kitchens. 

This narrow-reeded glass splashback from Glass Systems is the perfect example of how you can incorporate the feature into your kitchen.
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