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7 small bathroom ideas that are simple and stylish

7 small bathroom ideas that are simple and stylish

If your New Year’s resolution was to try to figure out how to make your small bathroom look bigger, then you’ve come to the right place. These simple and stylish small bathroom ideas will work wonders without the need to do a full renovation.

Words by Yohei Guy

Using a small bathroom, day in, day out can quickly start to wear a little thin. If you don’t have the budget or time to knock out a wall to make it bigger, you could be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing you can do about increasing your space. However, this is far from the truth as there are a number of simple actions you can take to make your small bathroom feel a little bigger. Whether you're looking to install a small powder room or just want to give your washroom a bigger bathroom feel, these ideas provide simple solutions to get it done.

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1. Brighten up the room

You’d be surprised what a little bit of extra light can do in a small space to make it feel better. Brightening a room will help eliminate dark spots, shadows and corners that can shroud a room, especially if there is also a lack of natural light. By brightening a room, you’ll see everything more clearly including your walls, tiles, shelves, tub and more.

Swapping out a few bulbs or changing the lighting fixtures is a quick and easy solution. The more light in your bathroom, the brighter, more inviting and larger your bathroom will seem.

You can also brighten the space by choosing a lighter colour for your walls. Dark colours can still work but make sure the paint or tiles contrast with the rest of the room to bring out its brightness.

2. Use mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom

Does your small bathroom have a decent sized mirror or multiple mirrors? You could be doing yourself a basic disservice if not.

Making a small bathroom feel bigger can be done using design techniques like creating the illusion of space. Installing a decent bathroom mirror or two will help you do exactly that.

A wall-mounted mirror will reflect the room and create a sense that there is space beyond the walls. This illusion is more effective when you purchase the right mirror for your walls. A small mirror may actually exaggerate the small space feel that you have. Instead, go for a large unit, ideally one that you can see your floor in. This will make your tiles feel lower to the ground in the mirror's reflection which will also work to make the room seem much larger.

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3. Eliminate clutter

Clutter is a sure-fire way to make any room feel cramped. It’s a big no-no in any sized bathroom, let alone a small one. Clutter includes any discarded items that you might leave around like towels, clothes and grooming products. There have actually been studies to show that clutter can make you feel anxious in your own bathroom. Bathroom furniture storage is a great way to organise your things and reduce clutter.

For example, some people will use a pocket door to eliminate space. Instead, why not try a hanging shelf on the door to hang towels and grooming essentials. You can even add shelving or baskets under a floating sink or near a tub to store a towel or other essentials. By eliminating clutter, you will feel better and discover space you never knew you had.

4. Avoid large cabinets

This one seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many large cabinets you’ll find in extremely small bathrooms. The appeal of storage is what makes people do it as people think they can never have enough storage. But for a small bathroom and especially a narrow bathroom, large cabinets will do more harm than good, taking up valuable floor space in an already confined area.

If you are worried about losing the storage, a light coloured shelf will give you some nice storage space that will bring an open, airy feel to your bathroom. Use other storage solutions like stylish baskets or containers to store your toiletries too which will also help make your space feel less cluttered.

5. Floating vanity and toilet

Having a sink and toilet is non-negotiable, even for a small bathroom but that doesn't mean your sink or toilet needs to dominate the space. It also doesn’t mean you have to buy the smallest options on the market.

Wall-mounted floating pieces are fantastic as far as small bathroom ideas go. For those who haven’t come across them before, they are vanities and toilets which are mounted to the wall leaving a space underneath.

A floating vanity and toilet will create more floor space and also enhance the illusion of space, making the bathroom feel more open, especially when looking in from its entrance.

6. Get a glass shower

Shower cubicles can feel like they’re protruding in a small bathroom but you can make this feel less so if you are smart about it. The transparency of a glass shower will help mitigate this much more so than compared to something like a shower curtain.

If you have a bathroom and shower combination, you can still install a glass shower door rather than a curtain for the bathtub. The glass shower door will then serve as a part of the bathroom as opposed to a closed-off partition.

You can get glass walls for your shower or bath, no matter the shape, including rectangle, square, or curved. You’ll never be so happy to be rid of your shower curtain once you make the move.

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7. Get creative with textures

When people are dealing with small bathroom designs and tiles, they typically focus on the size of the tiles. Instead, consider the texture of the entire room. When your layout features different textures on the wall, floor or even the sink, it creates interest and brings out the bathroom's dimensions. These different focal points will keep the eye busy and help make it feel bigger.

Consider how the texture of the floor tiles matches the bathtub or showers tiles in your home. Then, extend the area by matching up textures and contrasting them. You can have a great deal of fun by doing this, bringing out the true interior designer within.

Making your small bathroom feel bigger is easy

Don't feel trapped by your small bathroom any longer than you have to. Whether you bring in new tiles, add brighter light fixtures or change the texture of your floors, these simple but stylish small bathroom ideas will help create depth and showcase your impressive bathroom design skills.

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