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15 bathroom sink ideas to get you started

15 bathroom sink ideas to get you started

If you’re thinking about building a new bathroom then it's a good idea to start thinking about your bathroom sink early. If you haven’t browsed bathroom products in a while, you might be surprised to find there is quite a wide range of choices to choose from. These 15 bathroom sink ideas prove exactly that and show just how many options you have to consider.

Words by Yohei Guy

When making this decision, it's important to match the right type of sink with the right type of bathroom. Whether you’re designing a luxury powder room, a modest ensuite or a master bathroom you’ll find there exists the perfect sink to match. Making the right choice is key as it not only serves an important functional role but a stylistic one as well. Done well, you’ll not only have a great bathroom but have something that increases the value of your home too.

1. Vessel sinks

Vessel sinks are a sophisticated and often spectacular type of sink with a basin that sits on the vanity top. They can be a real statement piece and focal point, especially when using contrasting materials between your basin and countertop.

The exquisite Petaline Vessel Basin from Kohler Australia

2. Drop-in sinks

Also known as self-rimming sinks, drop-in sinks are one of the most popular sink designs. These sinks provide plenty of space for your countertop and will reduce the splashing of water on the floor every time you use it!

Drop-in sinks are easily adapted to existing bathroom vanities. They also come in an almost endless variety of materials and styles.

3. Double vanity

A double vanity sink essentially gives you two sinks in one bathroom. It’s great for the family or master bathroom, where couples can enjoy their own basin areas.

Luxury apartments and boutique hotels around the world frequently feature a double sink and is a great option to consider if you have the space for it.

The B1266-2 Double Basin in polymarble from Stonebaths

4. Wall-mounted sinks

The wall-mounted sink, also known as a floating vanity, are a very popular choice, offering diversity and space in the modern bathroom. If you're working with a smaller space, a wall mount can add those extra few feet of floor space, also creating an illusion of space.

5. Pedestal sinks

For a traditional choice, a pedestal sink is a great option with origins dating back to the 1900s. While it doesn’t offer a huge amount of storage, a hollow pedestal offers a small space to store bathroom supplies. Many families keep spare toilet paper or cleaning items in the space.

ABI Valenza Pedestal Basin with sublime style from ABI Interiors

6. Console sinks

The console sink is a combination of the wall-mounted and pedestal sink. Traditionally held by legs for floor support, the exposed plumbing often doubles as a towel rack.

Exterior cladding can be used to cover the piping however for those that prefer a look that is less busy.

7. Trough sinks

Don't let the name put you off! The trough sink is a modern, sleek, and expansive option for your bathroom sink. Choose from either one or two faucets for this shallow but gorgeous design.

B1265-2 Wall Mounted Basin with trough styling from Stonebaths

8. Resin washbasins

Bold colours are very "in" for the modern bathroom. A resin washbasin adds another pop of colour to a statement room. According to Elle Decor, bathroom colours are getting bolder and brighter!

The best thing about using resin compared to other materials is that you can choose almost any colour for a custom resin sink.

9. Undermount sinks

An under-mount sink is one of the more complex sinks to install. It’s pleasing to the eye and easy to clean but will likely require a bathroom professional to install.

Undermount sinks add a seamless vibe to your bathroom counters and are great for minimalist styling.

The sleek Manhattan Squeeze Under Counter Basin from Studio Bagno

10. Wooden sinks

 Many wooden bathroom sinks do require more regular treatment and maintenance but as a statement piece, is hard to top. If you're on top of your cleaning, wooden sinks won't be an issue for you. Some designers have argued that streaky wooden designs look cheap, but we disagree. A great wooden sink adds style, atmosphere and can make a bathroom feel closer to nature.

11. Glass sinks

Glass sinks come in almost every style and design. Glass consoles and vessel sinks are particularly popular, sleek, and easy to clean.

They are novel and eye-catching, matching seamlessly with showers doors and walls. A showstopper and one of the more exciting design trends.

Glass sinks are unique, elegant, easy to clean and do not retain stains.

12. Ceramic basins and sinks

Ceramic is the standard go-to for bathroom materials being robust, reliable and easy to clean. It's easily paired with other bathroom features and is affordable. A great way to save money on a new bathroom project.

13. Stainless steel basins

The durability of stainless steel is unparalleled. These dynamic bathroom sinks are growing in popularity right throughout Australia. It’s a bold and unique sink choice that will capture everyone’s attention and stand the test of time

ABI Harlow Round Basin Sink with quality stainless steel construction by ABI Interiors

14. Corner sinks

Short on space? Why not get a corner sink! These aptly named sinks are great for small bathrooms, helping you discover space you never knew existed.

Most corner sinks don't require any counter space as they're typically wall-mounted. You may need a corner cabinet above your sink, maybe with a mirror. So long as your wall is the typical 90-degree angle, this shouldn't be a tough find.

15. Square, rectangle, oval, or round sinks?

No matter what type of bathroom sink you choose, the shape is always the second style question to ask yourself. Pairing your sink shape with tubs, showers and toilets is usually the easiest way to make your decision.

If you're wondering where to put your sink, make sure you couple your decision with lighting. The last thing you want is your sink in a dark part of your bathroom!

The beautiful B1700 Square Basin from Stonebaths

Some fantastic bathroom sink ideas

As you can see, there are plenty of options to consider to get you started in your new bathroom remodel or renovation. Size, style and features are just some of the factors but it's important to trust your instincts too as your final decision will be one you have to live with for many years to come.

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