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Bathroom Vanity Trends 2022: A Style Guide

Bathroom Vanity Trends 2022: A Style Guide

Bathroom vanities have gone through many changes over the years. Once seen purely as a practical furnishing, they are now considered a focal point for style and expression. Understanding the latest bathroom vanity trends is key to any informed decision about the design of your bathroom, presenting an opportunity to refresh your space with modern styling.

Words by Yohei Guy

The bathroom vanity has the potential to be the focal point of your bathroom’s design when done well. It is a functional item of bathroom furniture but one that is also front-and-centre for action and attention. There are some fantastic bathroom vanity trends in 2022 to inspire you, covering all these aspects and more for your next bathroom renovation.

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1. Natural colours for a peaceful ambience

Colour trends change often which is why it is so important to pick the right ones from the outside. Ones which will hopefully stand the test of time.

In 2022, natural and neutral minimalistic colours are in trend, both of which lend to the qualities described above compared to bright and fluorescent colours. Mint green is one that has emerged as a popular choice, either for the bathroom vanity itself or as wall colouring as its backdrop, providing a natural freshness that’s perfectly appropriate.

If green isn't for you, light grey and matte-black are other popular colours that people are considering for their vanity spaces. Light grey perfects a soft, calming touch while a matte black finish takes absorbs some of the glossiness that can sometimes overwhelm a bathroom.

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2. Japandi styling emerging as a cross-cultural pick

apandi style incorporates the best of Scandinavian and Japanese design, typically characterised by sleek, minimalist qualities that are elegant yet highly functional. It embraces neutral colours and is perfect for those that want clutter-free bathrooms that are forever pristine.

It is not only becoming one of the top bathroom trends for 2022 but a popular interior design trend in general for other parts of the home.

Choosing a Japandi vanity and embracing its characteristics in your overall design will give your bathroom a simple but unique look. It will also give you the opportunity to give your bathroom a much-need (in most cases) spring clean.

3. Freestanding vanities are liberating

A freestanding vanity can be a simple addition that transforms your entire bathroom. Freestanding vanities are similar to freestanding baths and don’t need to be mounted to a supporting wall. This quality allows it to become an independent furnishing in its own right, a trait that brings a liberating feel to a space. Freestanding vanities can also create better layering and depth to a bathroom with a bit of flexibility in terms of placement and positioning within your bathroom interior.

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4. Less is more with minimalist design

f there is a theme to bathroom trends for 2022, it is that minimalism is definitely in. Flashy colours, excessive decoration and fancy backsplashes are taking a backseat for muted, clutter-free bathroom environments. You can present a minimalistic design with neutral colours, clean lines, and fewer staples. This is not just a stylistic trend but one that is practical, especially if you have a small bathroom.

Embracing minimalism with vanities doesn’t necessarily mean reducing your storage space. It can mean just concealing it better. Simple designs that seamlessly blend between cabinetry, countertop and basin

5. The everpresent floating vanity

Floating vanities have appeared at the top of bathroom vanity trends’ lists for years, so much so that they are almost a given for any bathroom upgrade. For those who aren’t in the know, floating vanities are anchored to the wall rather than to the floor, creating both a real and illusionary feeling of space.

It also gives a bathroom a more sleek and modern appearance, a timeless quality they seem to have retained over the years. It's an extremely simple and effective upgrade and another that is very popular for smaller sized bathrooms and ensuites.

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6. Let natural materials shine

Nature and natural materials are again strong themes for bathroom trends in 2022, which too can be realised with your choice of bathroom vanity. Natural wood finishes and accents on your vanity as well as a few carefully plants are all that’s sometimes needed to create this feeling. A hanging air plants that can drape over the side of your vanity is another quick and easy choice. It’s perfect for nature lovers who want a fresh and lively aesthetic.

At the other end of the scale, a natural stone counter like quartz or marble can also have a similar impact though with a lavish sense of luxuriousness. This is heavily dependent on budget and tastes but is one to consider if both are favourable to you.

7. The comfort of a double vanity

Double vanities are perfect for couples and large families with competing schedules. Choosing a double-vanity means more space for everyone in the household. Doubling up on vanities means you double up on everything else - mirrors, basins, counter and cabinet space. It is something that reads so appealingly off the page.

You need to have the space of course which makes it most suitable for the master bathroom of a family home but couples with narrow and long ensuites also often consider it for the same reasons mentioned above.

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Some great bathroom vanity trends for 2022

As you can see, there are a plethora of bathroom vanity trends for 2022 that you can consider for your next bathroom remodel or renovation. As the focal point for the eye and a lot of activity, the bathroom vanity is something you want to get right and staying on trend is the smart way to approach it as ideas that have proven successful for many already.

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