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Can’t touch this

Can’t touch this

Hands free technology makes it to the home bathroom.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

When it comes to return on investment, the ‘big two’ areas of your home are the kitchen and the bathroom. Most industry professionals would suggest these two areas be remodelled/renovated every 10–15 years.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your existing home or are building new, now is a good time to consider adding some cutting edge technology to your bathroom, with a fixture not usually associated with technology—the humble toilet.

“The technology has been around for a number of years but has been pretty much contained to commercial products. This is the first time it has been specially used in a residential product,” says Kohler NZ Senior Product Marketing Manager, Dee Hunter.

The ModernLife™ Touchless Flush toilet suite is sleek and softly contoured.

The touchless flush toilet

Dee is referring to Kohler’s ModernLife™ Touchless Flush toilet suite, which features full-flush and half-flush sensors under the lid of the cistern that are activated by simply passing your hand over the top of them.

“This is a game-changer for bathroom design and heralds in an era of greater technological innovation not only in terms of product development but also in peripheral technologies.

“We’ve teamed the touchless technology with the ModernLife back-to-wall toilet pan, which features a bevelled rimless edge and Kohler CleanCoat for greater hygiene, along with an Elite Slimline toilet seat and lid.”

The ModernLife suite received a Red Dot Award in 2017 for its design and spent three years in development prior to its launch, says Dee.

“It’s about showcasing relevant technology for the changing preferences and needs of New Zealand and Australian households—it’s certainly not gimmicky, but Kohler is ever-conscious of allowing users to choose useful technology while maintaining the option to also move away from it when they choose and so, have integrated a manual flush button into the side of the toilet cistern.

“Kohler is the first in Australasia to release a product like this and we believe it will become a popular choice with consumers who are looking for a low-maintenance, highly hygienic product that also incorporates European styling.

“We also believe it will be a popular choice with plumbing professionals as we’ve ensured that even with the additional technology onboard, ModernLife remains simple to install.”

The ModernLife™ Touchless Flush toilet suite is the next generation in hands-free technology.

The ModernLife toilet suite comes in a range of options: Touchless or manual flush cistern with a choice of either a standard slimline seat or the new Elite seat, which also has a discreet LED night light and perfume sachet.

The toilet suite can be teamed with one of three basin options—wall hung and with or without tap hole—to create a coordinated design scheme.

“The ModernLife collection exemplifies striking yet functional design. Wasteful extravagance has given way to elegant efficiency. Beautiful, soft lines offer both a pleasing aesthetic and promote ease of cleaning—essential elements for today’s busy, design-savvy consumer.”

The ModernLife Touchless Flush toilet suite is available now either directly through the Kohler NZ website or major bathroom retailers.

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