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Coloured Bathroom Basins: 5 trending colours for 2022

Coloured Bathroom Basins: 5 trending colours for 2022

Coloured bathroom basins are quickly becoming a popular bathroom trend in Australia with homeowners keen to integrate exciting elements into their bathroom designs. As a concept that is still somewhat new, it’s advisable to find out what colours there are to choose from and how they work best in different situations.

Words by Yohei Guy

Coloured bathroom basins bring fantastic pops of colour and style to a bathroom that draw the eye, create depth and elevate the mood. They occupy a small segment of the wider range of sinks but are fast becoming a go-to choice for those seeking a point of difference. That being said, there is an element of risk when introducing colours in unconventional ways and seeing what works well will help you do it the right way.

1. Black bathroom basins

Black is easily the most popular choice behind white and is actually close to becoming a mainstream option. It is a strong, eye-catching colour that looks bold in any space. It brings a modern vibe and works flexibly with almost any other colour scheme.

Stylistically, it is also extremely versatile. For example, for those considering an industrial style bathroom, a black wall-hung basin with exposed pipes will fit in seamlessly.

If, however, you’re planning something more traditional with white as the dominant wall and fixtures colour, a black bathroom sink will act as an excellent accent colour. Adding black bathroom taps, showerheads and other fittings will also create cohesion.

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2. Pink bathroom basins

For something warmer and softer for the bathroom, a pink bathroom basin is a perfect fit. Pink is a very popular colour choice at the moment, in particular, the softer shades and blush pinks. Pink has a history of being a fun and lighthearted colour, but when styled correctly, pink can look refined and modern.

Rosy pinks look amazing against creams and off-whites. Try pairing a pink bathroom basin with a warm-toned, neutral bathroom counter as a complementary choice.

Warm-toned lighting and lots of natural light will give the space around your basin a luscious glow. Pink bathroom basins also work tremendously well with gold accents and finishes, readily available in a range of bathroom taps and faucets.

A pink bathroom basin also gives you the opportunity to play with colourful vanity cabinets and tiles. Pink offers greater flexibility than you might think, pairing well with other strong colours like greens and more analogous colours like orange.

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3. Blue bathroom basins

Blue is a favourite colour for many and one that works particularly well in a modern bathroom, especially as a choice for a basin. It’s one of those colours that seems to work no matter what the bathroom style or colour scheme, giving it a timeless quality that keeps it on-trend.

Baby blue is especially effective as a basin colour as it's one that works well with white as a complementary colour. If white walls or white countertops are going to be certainties then this shade of blue is well worth considering.

For something a bit more dynamic, a royal blue against a red backdrop of tiles is a combination that will definitely get attention.

Blue is a naturally calming and tranquil colour with its natural associations to water and the sky, both of which are wonderful sentiments to be able to incorporate into your bathroom space.

4. Green bathroom basins

Green has become one of the trendiest colours for bathroom interiors and while green walls may be a step too far for some, a green bathroom basin is a great way to include it in a measured way.

It's certainly one of the less common basin colours to go for but again, like blue, has some close ties to nature and is also one of Australia’s national colours too.

Green is a great complement to texture giving you the chance to match and contrast against different bathroom materials, like a cool-toned concrete counter, warm wood cabinets or stark black floor tiles. Green basins also pair excellently with gold and copper tapware finishes.

A green sink basin is a strong statement piece and a modern, high-end designer choice. Your stylistic credentials will absolutely be enhanced if you pull this off well.

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5. Grey bathroom basins

As a very neutral colour option, grey is an amazing sink colour for a wide range of bathroom designs and styles. The cool tone of the sink allows it to match seamlessly with concrete or tile finishes, silver-toned metals, and natural stone.

Grey is a flexible way to add colour to your bathroom space. Very few colour schemes will be alienated by a grey bathroom basin with options all over the colour wheel. Green, mustard, pink, red and teal are just a few examples of colours that work in combination.

Grey bathroom basins can even work in minimalist bathroom designs, where homeowners are just after a subtle touch of colour. Grey also happens to be a natural choice for concrete and ceramic basins which are very strong and highly durable products.

Stonebaths Organic Basin

Explore the possibilities of coloured bathroom basins

As you can see, coloured bathroom basins are a great way to add a pop of colour and distinctiveness to a bathroom space. Whether its the popular matte black, a warm pink or a subtle grey, you’ll find that there’s definitely at least one choice beyond the traditional that appeals to you.

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