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Create culinary wonders with an ASKO Oven

Create culinary wonders with an ASKO Oven

The right appliances can not only simplify the process of prepping, cooking and cleaning up, but also add understated style to your kitchen

Words by Tanisha Angel

A place to both cook and gather, the kitchen is the undeniable heart of the home. Whether you view cooking as a form of solace or simply a means to an end, investing in the right tools and appliances can simplify the process of prepping, cooking and cleaning up. As with any room, the kitchen should reflect those that inhabit and use it most, with the overall design and appliances within it uniting functionality with style. 

With premium performance and sleek design a core part of their brand, the varied range of ASKO ovens caters to every kind of home chef, from entertainers who want to get the cooking side of things done as quickly as possible to culinary whizzes who despise cleaning.

M House by ASKO | Photography by Peter Bennetts

Refined aesthetics

When it comes to appliances, it can often be difficult to find high-performance products that don’t compromise on aesthetics. Fortunately, ASKO’s range of ovens takes on a sleek, streamlined appearance while providing options for every type of home chef. Clad in black glass with a pearlescent sheen, each oven lends a fresh, contemporary feel to any kitchen.

Combination Steam Oven by ASKO

Multifaceted microwaving

Microwaves may have fallen out of fashion of late, but the Combi Microwave is set to bring them back to the forefront. Far from the one-note microwaves of yesteryear, the Combi Microwave combines traditional microwave cooking with hot air or convection cooking to create food that is far from flat. With the ability to roast, crisp and brown your food, it combines the speed and ease of a microwave with the premium finish and impeccable taste of classic oven cooking.

Pyrolytic Oven by ASKO

Set fire to cleanup times

Sick of struggling to scrub residual food and grease from your oven after cooking? Designed to quite literally incinerate cleaning times, Pyrolytic ovens heat up to a fiery 465°C, carbonising leftovers and grease into a fine ash that can easily be scooped up or wiped away. Balancing easy cleaning with quality cooking, each Pyrolytic oven is equipped with dozens of automatic cooking programs accessible via a touchscreen display, taking the guesswork out of food preparation.

Combination Steam Oven by ASKO

Culinary experimentation

For avid chefs who enjoy experimenting with new cuisines and culinary techniques, the Combi Steam Oven is the way forward. Cooking with steam preserves vitamins and minerals within food while bringing out flavour and adding a level of nuance to each dish. Combination steam ovens unite traditional convection cooking with steam in a single cooking cycle, allowing for varied cooking styles. Plus, steam ovens can be used for unconventional purposes, including preparing pureed baby food and sterilising jars and bottles.

Impactfully understated

Uniting Scandinavian minimalism with functional, high-performance design, ASKO purveys elegant appliances designed to improve people’s overall quality of life. With sophistication, impeccable craftsmanship and natural materials forming the basis of each design, ASKO appliances strike the right balance between understated and impactful.

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Words by Tanisha Angel

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