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12 brilliant deck lighting ideas for your home

12 brilliant deck lighting ideas for your home

Whether you're creating an entertaining space or you just want to safely see your deck at night, installing safe and effective outdoor deck lighting is the best way to go. With so many lighting options on the market, we thought we’d share our own deck lighting ideas so you can make the most of your deck space and create an enjoyable atmosphere when night falls.

Words by Yohei Guy

1. Start with a statement piece

If you have a seating area or even an outdoor kitchen, then adding a large statement light overhead is a good option to consider. It'll give the space a focal point for people to gather and base the rest of your decor around.

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The spectacular Drylight S12 Outdoor Chandelier from Special Lights

2. Diffused glow

Depending on your deck, it can be hard to use in-ground lighting. If there's nothing to bounce off, then they can end up either lighting nothing or simply shining into your eyes. That's where strategically placed warm lighting can make a huge difference.

By lighting the elements around the space, you're going to give that light something to bounce off. In doing so, you’ll help create a warm, soft glow that feels inviting for everyone who visits.

3. Add a fireplace or fire pit

Placing a fireplace or fire pit as a complement to your light fixtures is a great way to add lighting with purpose. They are superb for cold evenings or gatherings that extend well into the night. As an effective heating source, it's a great way to keep an outdoor space usable during the cooler seasons.

It's smart to opt for cast iron or metal firepits, especially if it's being placed on or near wood or composite decking.

Escea EK950 Outdoor Wood Fireplace Kitchen from Classic Fireplaces and BBQs

4. Play around with colours

Colours are a great way to create a unique ambience in your space. Not only can you find fun colour options through LED outdoor lights (which are also very energy efficient) but you can also easily find creative tricks to help you design a lighting plan that's all your own.

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5. Recessed lights for tiered decks

Unlike adding in-ground lighting to a flat surface, adding it to a tiered deck is a great way to give your eye somewhere to see when you're outside. Recessed deck lighting is also an excellent form of safety stair lights and will also add depth to your space as a whole.

They also provide an opportunity to add colour, warmth, or dimmers you can customise and change for different occasions.

G-O Outdoor Light by Flos from Euroluce

6. Go for the classics

When we say classics, we really mean oversized lanterns. Whether you opt for a rustic or nautical design, garden lanterns are the perfect form of landscape lighting to allow your space to feel cosy, to set the scene for romantic evenings or special family gatherings.

7. Candles

Not only can candles go inside those lanterns, but they're also perfect for last-minute occasions or small deck areas in desperate need of something bright and warm. They're not practical for everyday use, but they're excellent for one-off events and can be set up easily without breaking the bank.

Lighthouse lanterns by WGU Design

8. Take the quick fix

What’s the quickest and easiest way to illuminate your deck? Hang up a few strands of string lights.

Not only can you hang them practically anywhere in the space but you can take them down just as easily. They're a great temporary fix, whether you want to string them along the edge of your deck railing, deck posts or get creative and place them in unexpected spots.

9. Embrace wall lights

If your deck extends from your home, then adding wall lights is a great way to bring the outside in. This is especially true if your outdoor space matches the inside of your home.

If that isn't the case, wall lights are still a great space saver that you don't have to worry about getting wet or knocking over, and they're often more practical than other options on the market.

Waffle Marina Outdoor Wall Light from Hunza Lighting

10. Get creative

Outdoor lighting is like an art form in that you’re able to express yourself using different lighting methods altogether together. Mixing up different features with other types of lighting is a great way of doing this, especially if you have a firepit or some other kind of "active" lighting setup.

Different types of lighting also give you more freedom to play around with different schemes depending on the occasion. For big gatherings, you can throw everything on so the space is lit up and cheery, but if you're hosting a smaller gathering, then keeping things small and low-lit might be a more appropriate choice.

11. Light up your greenery

If you have trees or other tall greenery around your deck, you can always direct light or hang lights from there too. Not only can this help your space feel bigger, but it can carry a glow that extends well into the greenery too.

This allows you to take advantage of your vertical space which will open your deck up to other options and possibilities with regards to ambience and style that weren't there before.

Landlord Outdoor Light by Flos from Euroluce

12. Go solar powered

Solar deck lights are usually dimmer than LEDs but are great for adding an extra layer of light to virtually any space. There are also a lot of options available for this type of lighting so you can experiment a bit with your overall lighting plan.

Some great deck lighting ideas to try

Now that we've gone over a few of our favourite deck lighting ideas, you’ll hopefully have some inspiration to try them out for yourself. Your deck has the potential to become a special place of gathering for an evening event and by putting time into planning it out you’ll create a great atmosphere and ensure the safety of everyone who uses it.

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