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12 Different Types of Bathroom Sinks for 2022

12 Different Types of Bathroom Sinks for 2022

There have never been as many different types of bathroom sinks available in Australia as there are today. While having such a great range is fantastic, it can make finding one that’s right for your bathroom a little challenging. Having an understanding of the different types of sinks will help ensure your final decision is the right one.

Words by Yohei Guy

Each bathroom has its own unique characteristics and personality, typically reflecting the architectural style of the home and the tastes of the homeowner. Bathroom features, including the bathroom sink, needs to complement this as well as serve the functional purpose they are made for. Each different type of bathroom sink achieves this in slightly different ways and between themselves, have all the bases covered for what anyone might need.

1. Drop-In Sink

Sometimes called top mount or self-rimming sinks, these are one of the easiest types of bathroom sinks to install. They can fit straight into a pre-cut hole in an existing vanity and usually already have faucet holes.

With plenty of designs to choose from, this type of sink is a quick and easy solution to get you started.

Studio Bango - Shard Above Counter Basin

2. Undermount Sink

Undermount sinks have a similar appearance to drop-in sinks but are mounted from the bottom. This means the rim sits below the countertop, which many prefer for slightly more contemporary bathrooms.

Undermount sinks are slightly more challenging to install but have many great benefits that make them worth the effort. They can help save space in small bathrooms and are very easy to clean compared to other types of bathroom sinks.

3. Vessel Sink

Rather than sitting inside a vanity, a vessel sink sits on top. As far as modern bathroom trends go, these are extremely popular choices that stand out in any bathroom design. The design of these sinks does mean can be a bit shallow and they do require a tall or wall-mounted faucet.

Vessel sinks aren't always the most practical choice, but they're one of the most visually appealing options available. Ceramic is the most common vessel sink material but you can find a wide range of other materials such as porcelain, natural stone and stainless steel.

Stonebaths - Justina Cast Concrete

4. Double Sink

Most bathrooms have a single sink but if the size of your bathroom is reasonably large, a double sink might be the better option. This allows multiple people to use a sink at the same time which can save precious time in a busy morning in a family home.

Double sinks are available in a range of different styles and are often combined with cabinet vanities providing huge amounts of storage space.

Stonebaths - Hugi Marble Basin

5. Freestanding Sink

Choosing a freestanding sink is another type of sink that creates a focal point in a bathroom with plenty of design choices. As they are freestanding, you have great flexibility with where you choose to place them.

They typically stand on solid bases or frames. Frames can come fitted with shelving to provide storage space while solid bases accentuate its strong distinctive presence, an appealing quality for many.

Studio Bagno Nur Column Freestanding Basin

6. Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks have been in use for a long time, and are still a popular choice. They stand on a pedestal that conceals all of the plumbing, fixed to the wall.

The lack of a vanity gives a bit of extra floor space, and the sink itself can actually be bigger without causing any issues. These are often considered a more luxurious choice and can give your bathroom a more classic feel.

7. Corner Sink

If saving space in a bathroom is one of your biggest priorities, then a corner sink is one of the best options. They are typically wall-mounted which saves even more space with the floor beneath them free.

They're generally quite small so might not suit everyone’s needs but for those with smaller spaces to work with, they can add real value. There are plenty of design options available, giving you plenty of opportunities to find something that suits you.

The Hammock Bath Company - Hammock Basin Ebony

8. Inset Bathroom Sink

Inset sinks are like a cross of drop-in and vessel sinks. They sit within a vanity but not completely so, with an appearance that resembles an above-counter basin. They are easy to install and more stylish to some, the top of the basin being a visual element of interest.

9. Semi-Recessed Sink

These are similar to inset sinks, but the sink only sits partially inside the vanity, with a section of it extending out of the front. They, therefore, take up a bit less space than inset sinks on the counter top.

They suit a more fitted bathroom appearance and can also be stylised in contrast to a counter top made from different materials or finishes.

Just Bathroomware - Omvivo Motif Counter Top Basin

10. Trough Sink

Trough sinks are more common in public settings but are becoming popular in large home bathrooms. They do take up a lot of space but really add to that feeling of luxuriousness.

Like double sinks, they can accommodate more than one person at a time, which is great for families who are on similar schedules.

11. Console Sink

Console sinks are fairly uncommon and have characteristics that are similar to both pedestal and wall-mounted sinks. They're secured to the wall and also have two or four legs for support.

This means that the plumbing is exposed, but it's often designed to match the legs. Brass is a common choice for the legs and plumbing to give the sink a classic look, making them a great choice for traditional bathroom designs.

Stonebaths - Organic Shaped Hugi Basin

12. Washplane Sink

Washplane sinks are more common in commercial bathrooms and are one of the most stylish options available. They are wide, flat and shallow with rectangular wall-mounted basins that give a very modern look. The choice of stunning materials, like granite and marble, can elevate it even further against its already exquisite standards.

Choose the right type of bathroom sink for you

With all the different types of bathroom sinks available, your choice boils down to your needs and personal preferences. With a greater understanding of what’s available and the benefits they bring, you’ll be able to make a well-informed choice that works for you.

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