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Effective ways to use interior wall lights

Effective ways to use interior wall lights

Did you know that indoor lighting has a powerful impact on the life you lead? So, how can you improve your indoor lighting? Interior wall lights are the answer. However, you need to know how to use them effectively, as they can make or break your room.

Words by Yohei Guy

How interior wall lights work

Interior wall lights have come a long way since their origins in medieval times as flame torches. There is a whole range of different wall lights available for homeowners in Australia and they all work in different ways.

You can use wall lights in all areas of the home, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Hallways
  • Bedrooms
  • Sitting rooms

However, the type of wall light you use in each room may differ depending on the room and your intended impact. Plus, how the interior wall lights work will depend on their function and design. For example, some may use a plug, whereas others are hard-wired and use switches.

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Wall light types

There are a variety of types of wall lights and it’s good to know the differences before investing. Some common interior wall light fixtures include:

  • Swing arm lights
  • Wall sconces
  • Uplights
  • Downlights
  • Picture lights

Swing arm lights can be adjusted and pulled away from the wall or from side to side. They work perfectly in reading areas and offices without taking up valuable desk space. They can also be used as a design feature in your room or for other task lighting roles.

Wall sconces have various styles but are essentially a light fitting that you attach to the wall instead of the ceiling. They are perfect for adding ambience to your sitting room, hallway, or bedroom. They can look similar to candles and lanterns, which adds softness and warmth to interiors.

Uplights cast light towards the ceiling, which can be perfect for a home’s darker rooms or to give the illusion of more space. They work well in entranceways and living rooms for this reason. In comparison, downlights shine light downwards, so they work well when you want a more relaxing space, such as your bedroom, or if you have ample living space.

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Placement considerations

The placement of your interior wall light fixtures depends on several factors, such as the bulb wattage and ceiling height. However, a general rule is that the top of the interior wall lights should sit at your eye level, so there is less risk of glare from any exposed bulbs.

You also want to consider practicality, such as reading lights by your bed being around shoulder height, to make it easy to switch them off. And in the bathroom, you may want to place wall lights lower, with the centre at eye level, for the best mirror view.

Avoid crowding your space with interior wall lights. Instead, focus on symmetry, decide if you want one statement piece or several lights, and consider the amount of light you want in a space.

Enhance key features

Do you have a statement fireplace, piece of art, or other interior pieces that you want to focus on? Interior wall lights can help enhance these critical features of the room and ensure they get the attention they deserve.

You can use different interior wall light fixtures to enhance features, but picture lights are the best to showcase a picture or piece of art. In comparison, uplights can work well with fireplaces. Interior wall lights can create a spotlight effect, too, so you can decide how you want the piece illuminated.

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Make a statement

You can also use wall lights to make a statement in your home. For example, you can install interior wall light LEDs or a mix of coloured lights to create a striking effect.

You can also pick interior wall light features that have a particular look, such as industrial wall lights. They can be the key piece of the room. A stylish wall light can completely change the room's look or add to a style you have already incorporated.

Create a welcoming atmosphere

Interior wall lights can also change the atmosphere of the home. For example, some people decide to remove ceiling lights altogether to focus on a softer atmosphere in certain rooms of the house.

You can install wall lights in your hallway to warmly greet guests without a harsh transition from natural lighting. You can also add some downlights to your living room to change the atmosphere when guests come over, or you want to host a party. After all, it takes less than a minute for guests to form an impression of your home, so the right lighting is critical.

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Illuminate your bathroom

Another great way to use interior wall light features is in your bathroom and around the mirror. You can use fixtures such as wall sconces or an LED bar to illuminate your mirror, which is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

In doing so, you won’t need to worry about the unflattering shadows overhead lights can cause. Instead, you can guarantee you are getting the best lighting to complete your cleaning or beauty routine.

Bedroom wind down

It is estimated that four in every ten Australians are regularly experiencing inadequate sleep. One of the most important ways to improve sleep is to have an excellent evening routine.

However, the wrong lighting might be disrupting your routine. Wall light features offer a softer light to help signal that it is time to relax your brain. Plus, you do not have to worry about getting back of the bed to switch off the light, as it can be right by your bedside.

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Be adventurous with your interior wall lights

Interior wall lights continue to evolve and challenge how people think about lighting. They add an extra aesthetic, depth, and ambience that you cannot achieve with other lighting modalities. And there is a range of great choices out there, so you are guaranteed to find wall lights that suit your needs.

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