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9 extraordinary chandelier lights for 2022

9 extraordinary chandelier lights for 2022

Whether you’re building a house from the ground up or are updating and renovating something older, there are hundreds of lighting options to choose from. Finding the perfect chandelier light within your home is a great way of creating a stylish, timeless interior, giving your room a stunning focal point of illumination.

Words by Yohei Guy

1. Crystal Pineapple Chandelier

Who said chandeliers had to take themselves seriously? The Crystal Pineapple Chandelier proves that the height of sophistication can still be cheeky. Sleek and playful gold makes up the head and tail of the pineapple, while crystals make up the body of the pineapple. The chandelier houses a bulb that will send the crystals glistening.

A modern, fun take on traditional crystal lighting, the Crystal Pineapple Chandelier is perfect for glamorous entertainment areas, welcoming living rooms, and charismatic bedrooms. Available in sizes small to large, this burst of fun and light will fit in any space.

Crystal Pineapple Chandelier from French Country Collections

2. Nuit Lantern Chandelier

Designed by French Country Collections, the Nuit Lantern Chandelier sports a classic silhouette combined with the timeless style of modern chandeliers. Four small bulbs imitate the cosy warmth of candlelight, adding charm to any interior. The iron frame plays with straight lines and gentle curves to bring a gorgeous balance of order and fun.

The Nuit Lantern Chandelier acts as ambient light and works well in rooms that don’t need to be brightly lit. Make sure to get warm white bulbs to mimic firelight and create an atmosphere you’ll never want to leave.

Nuit Lantern Chandelier from French Country Collections

3. Drylight S12 Outdoor Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers have never looked cooler. Opulent and breath-taking, this chandelier brings to mind images of snow-covered mountains and glistening icy lakes.

Inspired by traditional Venetian chandeliers, the Drylight S12 uses advanced technology to withstand harsh weather, dust, and corrosion. While cool and sophisticated, the Drylight S12 still brings people together and creates a feeling of warmth and welcoming.

Drylight S12 Outdoor Chandelier from Special Lights

4. Large Arm Taupe Chandelier

A modern spin on the traditional chandelier silhouette, the Large Arm Taupe Chandelier makes a statement with rows of faux candlesticks and gothic-inspired arms.

This show-stopping piece calls for large areas and tall ceilings. It inspires undeniable confidence in your interior design style.

Large Arm Taupe Chandelier from OneWorld Collection

5. Meshmatic Chandelier

An eye-catching, breath-taking display of modern design, the Meshmatic Chandelier is a light piece unlike any other. Tiered domes of mesh reflect and diffuse the light from the inner bulb, casting an elaborate web of delicate shadows onto the ceiling.

The Meshmatic Chandelier creates softness from structured materials and organic beauty from modern shapes. Sophisticated and shimmering, this chandelier is sure to be the centrepiece and talking point of any space it’s in.

Meshmatic Chandelier from Space Furniture

6. Heracleum Small Big O Suspension Lamp

If you want to bathe your room in a bouquet of light, the Heracleum Small Big O Suspension Lamp is the most obvious and magical choice.

When displayed with the original Heracleum Big O Suspension Lamp, two daisy chains of delicate LED lightbulbs come together to create a lighting masterpiece. With its two different-sized rings, this chandelier takes up less space in a room than you’d expect. And because they hang at different heights, the chandelier introduces depth and layers to the lighting landscape of any room.

Heracleum Small Big O Suspension Lamp

7. Heracleum II Suspension Lamp

Like something out of a fairytale, the Heracleum II Suspension Lamp is inspired by nature while it inspires celebration. Whether you think of fireworks or fireflies when you see this chandelier, the feeling it gives you is the same: whimsy.

Tiny lightbulbs sprinkle the air surrounding an organically-shaped support structure, which is available in copper and nickel finishes. Bertjan Pot, the genius behind this delightful chandelier, drew his inspiration from the Heracleum plant. With its delicate white bulbs and thin conductive branches, this chandelier is perfect for bedrooms, studies and offices, or living and dining areas.

Heracleum II Suspension Lamp

8. Orion Chandelier Light

Comprised of Orion Globe Lights and Orion Tube Lights, this unique chandelier is designed for customisation, with many separate parts that connect and expand horizontally and vertically to create bespoke chandeliers that perfectly fit each room in your home.

The Orion Globe Light is comprised of an opaque LED globe set upon a polished gold bar. The Orion Tube Light boasts the complementary colourway, with a polished gold globe set upon an opaque glowing LED tube.

There are an endless number of adaptations for you to experiment with, allowing you to build an understated and simplistic display, or shoot for the stars with an elaborate and intricate constellation of light.

Orion Globe Light from Space Furniture

9. Reporter Chandelier by Il Fanale

Robust and suggestive, the Reporter Chandelier sports an insect-like silhouette that commands attention. Each of the six bulbs is fully adjustable, bringing a flexibility to your space that few lights offer. Use this light in areas of your home that deserve to be noticed. Highlight your favourite wall art, statement furniture pieces, or a reading corner in your study.

Made from brass and iron, the Reporter Chandelier boasts a pre-aged finish to bring a classic look into your home.

Reporter Chandelier by Il Fanale from LightCo

Complete each room with a chandelier light

Chandeliers can look at home in every setting. The trick is choosing the correct style and scale of chandelier light to complement, not overwhelm, the space. These 9 stunning chandeliers give you a range of options that will work in a variety of rooms and homes. With research and planning, you can find chandeliers that utterly transform your home, one room at a time.

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