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13 fantastic home decor trends for 2022

13 fantastic home decor trends for 2022

With the pandemic leaving Australians locked down in their homes for months, many are taking to home renovations. If you're looking for the latest in home decor trends, we've got you covered. From subtle accents to unique items of furniture, there are many ways to upgrade your home this year and these 13 fantastic home decor trends are sure to inspire you.

Words by Yohei Guy

1. Calming earthy tones

Earthy tones are one of the most popular home decor trends this year. These include olive greens, warm sages, and earthy browns. Colours that are inspired by nature give your home space a tranquil atmosphere.

Not only are these neutral hues very trendy for your home, but they are also good for your mental health. Green is associated with emotional calming and gives the effect of being in nature.

The natural colours of the New Zealand Wool Throw by Città

2. Wavy and squiggly accents

This is one of the most unique interior design trends of 2022. Wavy and squiggly accents have hit the home design scene in a big way.

There are so many accents with this style, including mirrors, vases, and candleholders. These add a touch of fun and pizzazz to any room and make for great accented pieces.

3. Mix of textures

Another great home decor idea is mixing a variety of textures. While neutral tones are popular this year, using a mix of textures, patterns and fabrics can elevate any room.

You can use plush pillows, boldly coloured throws, and velvety fabrics all in the same space to add warmth and contrast.

A beautiful combination of patterns, shades and textures featuring Brera Moda

4. Sustainable style

If you're ready to change your home's decor, incorporating sustainability is one of the most responsible changes that you can make.

This means repurposing older items, using responsible source materials, and using products that are energy saving. When remodelling your home, get help to ensure that you are using sustainable practices.

5. Checkered prints

If you've been seeing all things checkered print, it's no coincidence. The checkered pattern is all the rage this year, from beach blankets to tea towels.

This style comes in a variety of different colours, and they add contrast to any space in a fun and inviting way.

Checkered patterns to the fore in the Madhya Fabric Collection by Designer Guild

6. Vintage and restored pieces

In the spirit of sustainability, using vintage or restored pieces is also trending this year for home remodels.

Using upcycled fabrics is a great way to add a rustic feel to any room. You can use the fabrics to upholster antique or older furniture to give it new life. This not only reduces the amount of waste produced with newer materials but also gives existing material a longer life.

7. Built-in bars

This is a fun addition to any home if you're looking for home decor inspiration. With so many Australians stuck inside for the past year, incorporating an area for fun in the house is a great idea when remodelling.

A built-in bar can be modern or rustic, to suit your taste. However, they make a stylish and fun addition to the house that is very trendy for 2022.

An exquisite drinks cabinet and bar at a Mornington Peninsula residence

8. Plants galore

Spending time at home means not getting enough time out in nature. One of the hottest trends of 2022 is incorporating a lot of plants in the home. This gives the home a warmer atmosphere and the feeling of being outdoors, which can be very soothing.

Plants are not just aesthetically pleasing, there are major benefits of keeping plants in the home. They also help to increase levels of oxygen in your home.

9. Curved furniture

Curvy furniture was popular in the '70s and now it's making a comeback in a big way. You might be surprised to know all of your right-angled furniture is slowly becoming obsolete as this is one of the trendiest furniture styles for 2022.

Sofas and loungers with softer lines and curves are making a splash on the home trend scene this year. This can give your living room a warmer, more inviting feel.

Curvo Seater Velvet Sofas from Bubuland Home

10. Hints of nature

Nature is all the rage this year with raw materials being used for a variety of surfaces. Warm woods make for beautiful accent pieces in even the most modern room.

Other materials such as stone, marble, and terracotta are great options to give your space an earthy feel.

11. Colourful wallpaper

Playful wallpaper is another popular decor trend for this season. You can use boldly printed wallpaper to lift any room and give it a fun twist. This is a great contrast to the neutral tones that are popular for accents and furniture.

Find out how to choose wallpaper for your home remodel.

Porcelaine de Chine Wallpaper Collection by Designers Guild

12. Cosy nooks

If you've felt the need for privacy during the last few months of the pandemic, you're not alone. Cosy nooks have also become trendy this year for home remodels and it's no coincidence.

With a plush chair, a cosy blanket, and a colourful rug, a cosy corner can make a great reading or meditation nook. This gives you the privacy that you need while staying indoors.

13. Travel-inspired accents

While Australians have not had the opportunity to travel since the beginning of the pandemic, the 2022 home decor trends have been inspired by travel.

Middle Eastern poof pillows and cultural wall tapestries have been very trendy this year while Aussies wait for the borders to reopen. Get inspired for your next holiday with a beautiful piece inspired by another culture.

East meets West with the Rituals XL Suspension Lamp

Get inspired with these top home decor trends of 2022

If you're looking to remodel your home, these home decor trends are sure to give you all of the inspiration that you need. Wavy accents, curvy furniture, playful wallpaper, cosy corners, lots of plants - the list goes on with these great home decor ideas that will bring your living spaces to life.

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