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Feelgood furniture that puts the environment first

Feelgood furniture that puts the environment first

Resourceful Living is on a mission to put an end to single-use plastic, turning it into stylishly functional furniture

Words by Tanisha Angel

The widespread use and subsequent disposal of single-use plastic has created an undeniable burden on the environment. Plastic Oceans International estimates that approximately 380 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year, with up to half of that created for single-use purposes. Though many single-use plastics are touted as recyclable, it’s thought that a large percentage of these are deemed unviable. In particular, small items such as straws, cutlery, and bags are traditionally difficult to recycle as they fall into the crevices of recycling machinery and therefore are often not accepted by recycling centres.

On a mission to stop plastic from entering oceans and landfills, Resourceful Living has created a savvy sustainable solution in the form of repurposed furniture, hardware and serving platters.

An endless lifecycle

Not only does each piece of furniture provide plastic formerly destined for landfills with new life, Resourceful Living allows customers to return their products to be recycled and repurposed yet again.

“We wanted an approach that provided plastic with a second, third, or even up to a 10th life, as an alternate product to waste,” Jess Hodge, founder of Resourceful Living, tells ArchiPro. Jess acknowledges that homeowners and businesses are often desirous of a decor update, whether it be a new style or an on-trend hue. “Rather than simply throwing items out, they can come back to us and be repurposed again and again.”

Outdoor Table and Bench Chair Set by Resourceful Living

Furniture with a heart

Catering to homeowners and businesses alike, Resourceful Living’s range of furniture has been particularly well-received by cafes and other hospitality establishments. Crafted from recycled plastic and reinforced with sustainably sourced steel, each piece combines form with function. Equal parts durable and stylish, the outdoor table and bench chair set lends itself to use in cafes and backyards, while the office table is set to elevate any at-home workspace.

Kitchen handles by Resourceful Living

Creative customisation

Available in a wide range of shades, pieces can be customised to suit individual decor styles. Made without dyes, each shade is the result of the original item it was recycled from; green hues are created from buckets and shade fence netting, while shades of pink can be derived from skincare packaging and drink bottles.

The way forward

In addition to providing plastic with a new lease on life, Jess passionately advocates reducing everyday plastic consumption. “I want people to be able to limit what they’re buying, upcycle where they can, and use recycling as the last resort,” she says. Jess promotes making small everyday changes such as not using plastic bags while shopping and repurposing plastic drink bottles as planters. “I feel like we all need to make a little change before we throw plastic out, rather than it being out of sight, out of mind.”

“Just because I’m using recycled plastic, doesn’t mean I want everyone to go crazy buying plastic,” Jess laughs. “I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about running out of material.”

Learn more about Resourceful Living and explore their range of upcycled plastic furniture on ArchiPro.

Words by Tanisha Angel

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