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How to choose the perfect floor rug for your home

How to choose the perfect floor rug for your home

For most spaces, a rug is a finishing touch that brings everything together in a cohesive and stylish way. It seems like a simple addition but is a crucially important one. Finding the perfect area rug can feel overwhelming with so many choices but we're here to help with this guide containing the most important steps to consider when choosing a new rug for your home.

Words by Yohei Guy

A floor rug can bring in additional texture, colour, or pattern a space may be lacking in style. They can also be a functional addition making a room work better for the family. There are all different types, shapes, colours, and patterns to choose from but don’t be dissuaded because the perfect rug for every room is out there!

Cali Round Traditional Pattern Rug

Decide on a shape

The first thing you'll need to decide is which shape of the rug you're looking to add to your space. This will mainly be determined by the size of the room but can also be determined by the function of the room as well.

Rugs can come in a variety of shapes but the most common are square, rectangle, and circular.

It's important to keep the furniture that will be placed on top of the rug in mind when thinking about the shape. They shouldn't compete with each other but a little bit of contrast also brings the interest level up.

Hone in on a colour palette

Once you've decided on a shape, it's time to narrow down the colour of the rug you're looking for. This decision can come in a variety of ways depending on your personal preference.

Some homeowners choose to pick from the rug styles first before making any other design choices for the room. This allows them full freedom in their choice, which some prefer. They can simply select the one that moves them the most be it something neutral or a pop of colour.

Others choose to have the rest of the room put together and then find a rug that compliments the design. This narrows down the search much more, which can be very helpful for those who are more indecisive.

Either way, a colour palette is a good place to start when looking at all of your options to keep things moving in the right direction.

Rhoscolyn Cobalt Rug by William Yeoward

Add in a pattern

After a colour is chosen, it's time to decide if you'd like a neutral tones rug or a patterned rug.

Rug patterns can bring a lot of interest into a room and become a focal point. This is a good idea for those rooms that don't have a lot of extra in them. But other rooms would do better with a more solid base that can blend into the background more. Take the whole room into consideration when making this choice.

Choose the best size

The biggest mistake homeowners make when choosing a new area rug is getting the wrong size. Getting a rug that is too small or too big will throw off the proportions of the room and make it look sloppy. A perfectly sized rug makes everything feel more complete and professionally designed.

A rug should fill the space with a border around the edge. When in doubt, it's always better to go a little too big than too small.

Tussore Rug

Determine the desired feeling

Rugs don't only provide more colour and pattern to a room, they also elevate the cosiness and comfort level with their soft textures. It's important to determine what type of feeling you want underfoot and narrow your search down that way.

A low-pile rug is perfect for a place where there is a lot of traffic and will need to be cleaned regularly. A higher-pile is better for an area where children will be playing on it often. The look of the rug is obviously important but it's crucial to keep the functionality of the rug in mind as well so you can be as happy as possible with your purchase.

Add a rug pad

Most rugs are being placed on hard floors in a home, which is why the rug pad is also an important consideration to make. This will go under the rug to add a little cushion and also help to keep it from moving around. Don't scrimp on the rug pad, it will make all the difference!

Bosquet Roseau Rug by Christian Lacroix

Get advice from professionals

Designing a room can be a difficult process, it can get overwhelming very quickly. For many homeowners, it's difficult to make sure everything goes together and looks like it belongs.

For those who have the same problem, it's a good idea to work with a professional interior designer to make the best choice. They can help you see the big picture of the room and how to achieve that goal. With such a big purchase for your room, it's a good idea to get as much help as possible.

Try it out

The best thing you can do when choosing a new floor rug is to just go for it! It's hard to know if a rug will look the way you want it to until you truly see it in the space. Have the confidence to make a choice and go with the one you love for your space, even if some other adjustments need to be made afterwards!

Chances are you'll love the final look with a new rug addition!

Amure Rug

Choosing the best floor rug for your home

Following this guide to finding the best floor rug for your home will help you feel confident in your decision. You'll be able to completely transform your space and bring it up to the next level.

Having a well-designed room will help you enjoy your home so much more. You can feel confident when you have visitors that it will look put together and reflect you and your family in the best way. A rug can pull the whole thing together to achieve those goals!

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