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How to choose bathroom tiles - 7 top tips

How to choose bathroom tiles - 7 top tips

Bathroom renovation is an exciting time to let your creativity shine and bathroom tiles are a great way to express yourself in this way. But how do you know where to start? In this guide, we'll walk you through how to choose bathroom tiles that work for you.

Words by Yohei Guy

Bathroom tiles play an important functional and aesthetic role in bathroom design. They primarily work to keep your floors and walls free from moisture but also draw the eye through texture and style. Choosing tiles that suit you and your bathroom is crucial to making the right choice with a number of important considerations to take into account.

Fan Mosaics Series Tiles from Tilecraft Crows Nest

1. Consider your preferences

Do you prefer specific tile sizes over others? Would you rather have porcelain or ceramic tiles? Knowing what you want can help you with the final choice. Interior design plays a significant role in the comfort and style of your home, so take your time to consider all your options.

There are various types of tile materials to consider for your bathroom like the aforementioned porcelain or ceramic as well as glass, concrete, natural stone and more. Each has its own benefits and advantages and some will be more suitable to your situation than others.

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2. Rule of three

To avoid your room looking too busy, keep the variety of feature tiles to a maximum of three. This allows you to play with different types like natural stone and ceramics, without sacrificing other options. White tiles are a classic staple design in a bathroom but have the courage to investigate colours as well for a bit more personality.

Start with your floor tiles first, then move your way up to the wall design to streamline the process. Sticking to a rule of no more than three distinct styles allows you to be creative about how to choose bathroom tiles without making the space seem crowded.

Tribeca Series Tiles from Tilecraft Crows Nest

3. Consider the size of the space

With a small space, large format tiles can create the illusion of space. You’ll also want to create a bathroom environment that is a calming and welcoming space. To do that, you'll need to evaluate your bathroom as a whole.

The temptation to use mosaic tiles to set your bathroom apart is worth considering for your design, but keep in mind how it will affect the space as a whole. The amount of grout lines grows exponentially with smaller tiles which is important to bear in mind. More tiles need to be held in place and the increased grout may throw off the aesthetic appearance you're going for.

4. Consider the placement

Enhancing your bathroom from a visual and stylistic perspective is still subject to fundamental design elements. When wondering how to choose bathroom tiles, think carefully about where they will go.

Feature tiles can pull the whole room together, so place them where you want the eye to be naturally drawn to. It can be the backdrop to another statement feature or it can be the focal point itself.

Earth Floor and Wall Tiles from Groove Tiles & Stone

5. Incorporating technology

When thinking about your tiles you should always at least research the most luxurious options. Heated bathroom floors fall in this bracket and are actually becoming more accessible for homeowners looking to elevate their comfort levels.

If you choose to add this luxurious addition to your bathroom, it should be noted that the floor level may rise over a centimetre, which can affect the overall appearance of a small bathroom. This may entice you to use them in conjunction with large format tiles to enhance the illusion of space.

6. Water management

Don't overlook how your bathroom tiles will interact with water. Proper drainage in the shower is essential, and selecting the correct type of tiles to accommodate that is key when designing the bathroom renovation.

Anti-skid tile on the floor can aid you in making your decision, but don't feel that you need to sacrifice style if you have your heart set on a particular design.

For example, porcelain tiles are gorgeous but often require a non-slip coating due to their naturally slick nature. However, they are pretty durable and easy to clean when it comes to light scratches and spills. A liquid application can be added later to prevent slipping.

Luxe Midnight Tiles from Ultimate Tiles

7. Maintenance

Cheaper tiles may come with a higher level of maintenance. Once your bathroom renovation is complete, it's your job to keep it clean. Wall tiles may not need to be cleaned as frequently, but you'll have to put the work in if you want to keep your floors spotless.

Take into consideration how much effort is required to keep your bathroom looking brand new when selecting the materials for renovation. You may want to choose the lower maintenance options, like a natural stone.

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How to choose bathroom tiles with confidence

When it comes to renovating the spaces in your house, selecting suitable tiles is essential. You want to keep the space practical while making use of your creativity. Think beyond the tiles' appearance, and consider how they affect the room. If you keep these tips in mind when selecting new tiles, you’ll ensure you make the right choices for your new bathroom.

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