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7 dazzling modern pendant lighting choices for your home

7 dazzling modern pendant lighting choices for your home

Modern pendant lighting combines the elegance of classic design with wide-reaching luminescence. There are designs to suit every room in the house, from gorgeous centrepieces for the living room to more utilitarian designs that are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.

Words by Yohei Guy

Pendant lights are a great way to create a focal point in a room and there are some exquisite designs to choose from. Not only are they a great source of ambient light but they are incredibly expressive fixtures too that can create a unique atmosphere and mood for you and your guests.

1. Jefferson Pendant Light Collection by Lodes from LightCo

This modern pendant collection by Lodes is provided by LightCo and features a dazzling array of hanging glass pendant concepts. They can be arranged in different combinations, enabling users to find the perfect aesthetic for their living room or dining room.

These models feature Bohemian black crystal and chrome connections, creating a simple elegance that belies the full illumination the collection provides. A top ceiling lighting choice for homes that doesn’t compromise between fashion and function.

Jefferson Pendant Light collection by Lodes from LightCo

2. Meshmatic Chandelier from Space Furniture

The Meshmatic Chandelier from Space Furniture is the work of Rick Tegelaar, one of the leading modern pendant lighting designers today. Its triple-layered mesh structure is eloquent and undulating, and its striking aesthetics are underpinned by the gentle illumination the mesh provides. A warm and welcoming choice for any living room, taking up less space than floor lamps while offering the same understated glow.

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Meshmatic Chandelier Lighting from Space Furniture

3. TecLED from Timber Pendants (LED)

This LED pendant from supplier TecLED is carved from 100% Tasmanian oak and offers a refreshing, warming contrast to the harshness that kitchen LEDs often suffer from. It proves that kitchen ceiling lighting doesn't have to be purely utilitarian - it can hang and augment the room's aesthetics with an attractive wooden design to match cupboards and cooking utensils.

Of course, it's not limited to kitchen use. A working studio could benefit from an LED pendant, as could a conservatory. This LED pendant enhances any room it's deployed in.

Timber Pendants LED from TecLED

4. Lucent Collection from Sarah Tracton Studio

The Lucent collection from Sarah Tracton Studio is an aesthetic marvel. Its modern pendant light designs are vivid and natural, bringing depth and warmth to any home. The lighting designers at Sarah Traction Studio include Dr Ian Watkins, a master of his craft who implemented the ultra-thin suspension wires that make this collection “float”. They bring an ethereal romance to the room and are ideal for dining rooms or bedrooms.

100% Australian porcelain is used to handcraft each of these modern pendant masterpieces. A must-have collection.

Lucent Collection from Sarah Tracton Studio

5. Sound Bil5 Pendant Light from Special Lights

The Sound Bil5 from Special Lights comes in a regal yet understated brushed gold. It's a superb choice for a kitchen and is the work of Italian lighting designer Giovanni Batista Gianola - think pasta and fine wine by warm, romantic light on summer evenings. The model comes with a dimming option to help create just such an ambience.

These come with an LED pendant option and are available in multiple sizes, so can be appropriate for any room. The brushed gold finish is right at home in the kitchen, but a study or conservatory could also benefit from this beautiful hanging light. A stylish and unabashedly modern pendant light.

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Sound Bil5 Pendant from Special Lights

6. APENERA Multi-Light from About Space

The APENERA design from the top supplier About Space is a superb addition to any room in the house. It provides luminescence from all angles thanks to its attractive and innovative design, with gentle glass pendant orbs offering a similar glow to table lamps or floor lamps but without taking up any space.

A profoundly modern black-and-brass aesthetic helps it blend in seamlessly with the majority of interior design styles. It's just as suited to the kitchen as it is to the dining room, and could even be an option for an elegant bathroom.

APENERA Multi-Light Pendant Light from About Space

7. Crescendo Pendant Light from South Drawn

The Crescendo model is provided by South Drawn and offers a protective, minimalist aesthetic that is perfect for a living room, bedroom, or study. It's crafted from Autex, a non-woven and moisture-resistant fabric. Autex is made from a minimum of 60% recycled materials, and also offers sound-dampening properties. This makes it especially valuable for a study space.

However, this is truly a ceiling lighting option for anywhere in the home. It can bring intimacy to the dining table, shelter to the bedroom, or gentle illumination to a living room. Its environmental benefits are also welcome news for homeowners.

Crescendo Pendant Light from South Drawn

Consider modern pendant lighting for your home

The best modern pendant lighting options don't just light up a room when they're switched on. They enhance a room's aesthetics even in the middle of the day. Whether it's an elegant hanging glass pendant light or a wide, metallic fixture, there’ll be a design that suits your tastes and creates an atmosphere that the entire household will enjoy.

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