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17 neat bathroom storage ideas for Australian homes

17 neat bathroom storage ideas for Australian homes

With so many of us working from home, we've been spending more time than ever before in our own abodes. Walking into a messy bathroom is never a great feeling in the middle of the workday and without proper storage, you’ll find it happening over and over again. These bathroom storage ideas will help you keep a cleaner, mess-free bathroom that you will enjoy being in no matter what time of day.

Words by Yohei Guy

1. Small bathroom cabinets

Not all bathroom cabinets need to be connected to the wall. Getting one that can stand without being fixed to the wall offers tremendous flexibility.

With so many styles to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding a small or narrow bathroom cabinet that suits your bathroom’s overall design and frees up some space.

Mardi Bathroom Cabinet with two doors from Mark Tuckey

2. Over-the-toilet storage shelves

To optimise space in your bathroom, over-the-toilet shelving is a great way to save space. It will free up space in your cabinets and may even negate the need for larger storage units altogether. It’s a fantastic and underutilised open shelving solution

3. Floating shelves

If you find that you have a lot of bare wall space, floating shelves are a great way to organise your belongings in a stylish way. Hanging wicker baskets are also great solutions that fall into this category.

Rebel Heated Towel Rails with floating shelves from Hunt Heating

4. Mobile cabinets

If you want a nifty way to organise your bathroom accessories, mobile cabinets offer great versatility. You can place them where they work for you, and if you feel like you want it somewhere else at a later date, you can just wheel it to its new position quickly and easily.

5. Convert a bar cart to a bathroom cart

Who's to say that bar carts can only be used for bar supplies? Repurposing a bar cart in your bathroom can be a unique and chic way to spice up the decor in your bathroom. Add plants, a candle and flowers on top to decorate and make your bathroom more welcoming.

The versatile Roll Bar Trolley from WGU Design

6. Toilet roll organiser

Instead of just having a toilet roll holder, why not make it an organiser since the space is already being used? You can hold extra toilet paper, some books, and even some other toilet supplies depending on the style of the organiser.

7. Under-the-sink organisers

By adding bathroom shelves under the sink, or pull out drawers, you can add in more locations to organise your items. You'll also have a better organisational system to know where things are instead as you’ll be able to see them on sight.

Two Freestanding Stone Basin Units with shelving from Stonebaths

8. Shower wall organiser

You can maximise space in your shower with a wall organiser. Instead of placing stuff on the floor or on a window sill, you can organise your body washes, razors, and shampoos in one place, reducing the spread of clutter.

9. Elevate your sink

If you think you need more counter space, here is a unique way to do it. Raise your sink up to create more space beneath it for storage. Combined with a floating vanity, you’ll create plenty of additional space to use on a daily basis.

The Alice vanity - an excellent example of a floating vanity from Ultimate Tiles

10. Add in a slide out caddy

Much like a moving cabinet organiser, a slide out caddy can squeeze into tighter spaces to use some of the areas you may not have otherwise used. And when you need something, you can slide it out to use it.

It allows you to conceal bathroom items from sight when not in use which can help your overall mood every day.

11. Add a mirrored cabinet

Why just have a plain mirror in the bathroom when you could add storage behind it to maximise the space? Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss and other unsightly items can all be placed in the mirror cabinets in the bathroom with easy access when you need them.

Mirrored cabinets in the Turramurra Bathroom by Jim Wilson Constructions - Photography: Jamie Caputo

12. Install tub storage

Tub storage is a great way to get rid of the clutter that can easily accumulate around the bathtub. Effortlessly concealed, it can be done in a very subtle way as a hidden form of shelving and storage for a variety of bathroom items.

13. Decorate with a ladder rack

A ladder rack can be used for both decorative and organisational purposes. Whether it's to place magazines or hang towels from, you’ll find them a more than handy storage option.

The Tubes Scaletta Electric Radiator is an ingeneous heated towel ladder rack from Oblica

14. Hang a door organiser

A door organiser is a perfect way to create extra storage in otherwise unused space. Whether you choose to use a cloth organiser or another material, you’ll be able to easily match it to your bathroom design.

15. Use fun bathroom accessories

Using bathroom essentials that spruce up the space, rather than detract from it, can make all the difference in a tiny space.

Choose from different textures, patterns, and colours for toothbrush holders, soap holders, and hand towels.

The stylish ABI Lira Soap Bottle Holder from ABI Interiors

16. Make the linen closet look chic

Why does a linen closet need to look just like a closet? It doesn't!

You can paint the door with a bright pop colour, take it off completely and add in curtains or install a floor-length mirror that doubles as a door.

17. Install pull-out cabinets

To maximise some of the vertical space, pull-out cabinets can look like walls to the naked eye, but with a small handle, can pull out to reveal extra storage space.

Spruce up your bathroom with these bathroom storage ideas

If you're tired of all the clutter and mess take matters into your own hands today. By using some of these bathroom storage ideas you can drastically improve the look and feel of your bathroom be it a small space or a large one.

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