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12 Small Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Are Big On Impact

12 Small Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Are Big On Impact

A small bathroom is often viewed with contempt and frustration by homeowners and members of the household but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are actions you can take to improve the feel and functionality of a small bathroom, quickly and easily. The clever and strategic use of bathroom mirrors is a great example of doing exactly that.

Words by Yohei Guy

As a responsible homeowner, you know that every design decision is integral to the overall aesthetic and livability. Every colour, light fixture, and texture has a purpose and when it comes to small spaces, it’s doubly true. Small bathrooms are one of the most challenging to organise and style around. While there are many approaches you can take, these small bathroom mirror ideas are ones that should be near the top of the list as actions you can take easily with immediate results.

1. Turn a long mirror on its side

One of the first things you should think about is the fact that mirrors can be a source of visual illusion. A well-placed mirror can make any room look bigger than it actually is.

That's why some people utilise long mirrors. While most are usually positioned vertically so people can have a full length reflection for checking outfits, turning one on its side for a wide horizontal reflection will give a bathroom a wider feel.

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2. Expansive floor-to-ceiling panelled mirrors

Another way to expand the volume of your smaller bathroom is by using floor-to-ceiling mirrors. There are many great solutions for mirrored panelling for bathroom walls and the impact can be bold and significant.

It can be quite a practical solution, negating the need for an additional freestanding full-length mirror.

3. Use colour in the trim of your mirror

If you place any value on the aesthetic appeal of your small bathroom, you know how much colour matters. Even if your interior design is in mostly neutral colours, a pop of something brighter could really bring the room together. The good news is that there are plenty of classy, chic bathroom mirrors out there with beautifully coloured trim that will provide that subtle pop you need.

4. Function and style with mirrored medicine cabinets

Have you thought about using a mirror that doubles as a medicine cabinet? A feature that serves both function and aesthetics is exactly the type of fitting you want in a small bathroom.

There are plenty of mirrored medicine cabinet designs to choose from including double door and sliding. Installed at head height, they also keep medicines and pharmaceuticals out of reach of kids as well.

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5. A unique folded mirror for a corner space

One of the more unique small bathroom mirror ideas for you to consider is that of a mirror that folds. You can position this kind of mirror in a corner space, opening it up towards the centre when needed.

There are more of these types of versatile mirrors than you might realise which give great flexibility in a confined space.

6. A flexible freestanding mirror

To expand the feeling of your small bathroom, consider a full-length freestanding mirror. This will extend the visual appearance of the bathroom's height. Plus, it's a great way to make sure your new fit is on point.

These typically come with foldable stands which means you can potentially tuck them away somewhere when not in use, moving them to other spaces in the house when needed.

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7. Harmonious side-by-side mirrors

Mirrors can be a great way to achieve design harmony through symmetry. That's why some designers buy two of the same exact mirror and place them strategically in small bathrooms. Doing so provides a nice, balanced ambience for all members of the household.

For example, imagine how fun and notable two high-quality triangle or hexagon mirrors side-by-side would be compared to one. It’s an automatic and easy point of difference to make your space just that little bit more special to you.

8. Bring the outdoors in through positioning

If you’re able to place a mirror opposite a window in your small bathroom, it'll do a great job of opening up the room to make it feel more spacious.

In addition, this design idea will offer even more natural light in the room when the sun is up and shining through. The window will reflect the light into even more nooks and crannies of the bathroom. A nice, natural reflection of a garden never goes amiss either.

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9. Elegant round mirrors for effortless sophistication

If you're looking for a single vanity bathroom mirror, consider a round design. Round mirrors provide a very smooth and chic feel to the room. The curves offer a continuous flow of visual elements that give the illusion of an elongated room.

Take the time to shop around for your ideal size and style of a round mirror. You can even play with multiple different round mirrors in the bathroom for a fun, quirky design.

10. Bounce your bathroom lighting

Perhaps your small bathroom doesn't have a window available. In that case, you can work with the existing light fixtures in the room when it comes to intentional mirror placement.

Play around with putting mirrors in different areas of the bathroom walls while the lights are on. Are there certain spots where the light is reflected more to open the room up better?

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11. Backlit LED mirrors for modern styling

Speaking of lighting and mirrors, backlit LED mirrors are a great modern solution to consider. Not only does it provide you with a great feature as a mirror but also serves as a lighting fixture too.

The clarity you get when using a backlit LED mirror can be quite startling (in a good way), especially for those using one for the first time. It’ll make your daily cleaning and grooming tasks that much easier.

Designstuff - Middle of Nowhere

12. Don't be afraid to keep it simple

At the end of the day, there's no need to go overboard when it comes to small bathroom mirror ideas. You should, instead, focus on keeping your bathroom design as expressive of your own personal aesthetic style.

If that means that you prefer a more simple approach, so be it. Using a basic, square mirror is still an effective way to open up the room, bringing in light and that feeling of spaciousness that will serve you well.

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Make the most of these small bathroom mirror ideas

As you can see, there are some great mirror ideas for small bathrooms that can make your space feel bright, airy and fresh. Whether it’s an ornate framed mirror, a functional mirror cabinet or a double mirror - you’ll find an option that will add a touch of class while making your bathroom feel bigger.

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