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Stylish dining room lighting ideas for your dining table

Stylish dining room lighting ideas for your dining table

Lighting design serves much more than the practical function of lighting an area or space. Done well, it can elevate and enhance a room’s aesthetics bringing its strongest features to the fore. Dining table lighting can be either subtle or bold depending on one’s preference and these dining room lighting ideas cover a variety of different approaches, all worthy in their own right.

Words by Yohei Guy

Dining table lighting and the art of lighting design has many variables, with the ability to achieve a range of moods and effects when done well. You have choices like natural rattan pendant lights to modern bubble chandeliers all adding their own characteristics and qualities to a space, traits which are especially important in a dining room environment.

Here we look at the finer details of dining room lighting with particular attention to pendant and chandelier lighting, two of the most popular forms of dining table lighting found in Australia today.

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What is the best type of lighting for a dining room?

If your dining room is purely a place for socialising, then dimmer pendant lighting options that make use of shadows thrown from carefully positioned table lamps are a great way to create an easy and relaxing ambience. The more subtle the approach to lighting in this respect, typically the more effective.

However, if your dining and kitchen areas are combined, then the practical and aesthetic style of your kitchen also needs to be considered.

Kitchen table lighting trends can be quite broad in terms of the choices available. You’ll find cluster lights, brass pendants, modern luxury chandeliers - even sculptural light fixtures that act as a strong focal point, a favoured approach for those with a taste for interior design.

Each product offers its own look and feel for a room and is often completely comes down to a homeowner's personal needs and taste.

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How to choose the right light fixture for a dining room?

When choosing the perfect light fixture for a dining room or kitchen dining area the theme of the rest of the home should also be considered. In modern homes, white kitchen lights and glass globe pendant lights are extremely popular at the moment. For the more rustic or mid-century homes, hanging lights or brown glass pendants are often used to add a touch of subtle flair.

The use of more traditional black, white or cement grey fixtures offers a tasteful elegance that complements most interior décor styles and ensures the emphasis stays on the dining table and any surrounding ornamental features. You can then use the levels of lighting they supply to draw attention to these features, making use of the practical functionality of lighting design.

How big should a chandelier be over a dining room table?

Chandeliers have long been a sign of wealth, style and decadence, mesmerising people since as early as the 17th century as a marvellous marry of glass and light. By nature, they are a ceiling light that is a statement piece and focal point, designed to draw the eye in spectacular fashion.

That being said, one doesn’t want to get too carried away and choose a chandelier that overwhelms and dominates the room. This will only create an imbalance that will diminish its positive impact, especially in an environment like a dining room.

The general recommendation for dining table lighting is for the fixture dimensions to be approximately one-third to one-half the width of the dining table itself. This will create a pleasing symmetry that most will find comfortable to be around.

One should also consider the shape and design of a chandelier in relation to the dining room table as well. A rectangular chandelier, for instance, typically complements a rectangular dining table well, bringing out the clean, crisp lines of both for an orderly feeling within the dining space.

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What is the proper height to hang a light over a dining room table?

While this is mostly a matter of personal taste and preference, the standard height for hanging a chandelier or pendant lamp over a dining table is 75cm from the table. Any lower and your dining room lights start to negatively impact the functionality of the dining table itself, also increasing the risk of lamp and light bulb breakages.

Some great dining room lighting ideas to get you started

Thinking about the different options for dining room lighting and the qualities they bring is just the start of the process but a very important one. With greater knowledge and understanding you’ll be well placed to know exactly how the lights will work in the dining room space you have in mind. A great lighting setup will create an incredible atmosphere and add plenty of long-term value to your home, making all the effort when planning, incredibly worthwhile.

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