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8 sublime bathroom shower ideas for 2022

8 sublime bathroom shower ideas for 2022

Your shower is one of the most important parts of your home. It's where you'll spend plenty of time cleaning, relaxing and washing away your worries so you want it to be the ideal environment for doing so. These clever shower ideas will help you do exactly that to make your shower time a little bit more special.

Words by Yohei Guy

1. Natural stone tiles

Natural stone bathroom tiles are perfect for a shower that looks both modern and rustic. The tile shape offers a clean-cut industrial edge while the earthy, irregular colouring of stone offers a more natural appearance.

There are many options to choose from with no two natural stone products the same. If you’re after a material that's both unique and classic to line your bathroom walls, natural stone tiles are a great choice.

Maku Floor and Wall Tiles from Groove Tiles & Stone

2. Black fittings

Using black fittings instead of chrome can quickly elevate your bathroom design credentials. It's sleek yet unconventional, functioning as accented additions that are both modern and elegant. A black showerhead accompanied by black faucet handles will create bold accents that will draw the eye.

It’s a great element to incorporate into your shower design without overpowering your main colour palette or scheme. The common matte finish won’t leave fingerprints or dried droplet stains on your fittings either. Many people choose to use black fittings through their kitchen and laundry areas too for continuity, a method encouraged in interior design.

3. Storage space

If you're planning a large bathroom renovation, you can use your shower as an area to optimise your bathroom furniture storage. This is especially important if it’s your master bathroom and a shower you share with the entire household. With everyone’s individual products you can clutter a shower space and additional storage eases that pressure.

Carving out space in your shower walls is a great way to add such storage space. This will allow you to store as many toiletries as you need without cluttering up any space within your shower. For walk-in showers with no ledges to place products, this is very important.

A less drastic idea is to use corner shelves. As most people don’t use this space in a shower it makes for a great storage solution. You can also add multiple levels of shelves for additional space.

Extra storage with EasyNiche Tile Over Shower Footrest from Atlantis

4. Textured white shower curtain

As simple as it sounds, a textured white shower curtain is a beautiful, versatile bathroom decorating option. It’s something that also works with a variety of bathroom designs in mind.

Texture is important in a modern bathroom as without it they can lack depth and character. Adding a little texture to a white curtain provides a greater degree of contrast which can tie the whole room together.

Busier bathroom designs will also benefit from the clean design of textured white shower curtains. They'll mellow out gorgeous, eccentric decor ideas such as patterned bathroom floor tiles and printed wallpaper.

5. Wall-mounted bathroom lighting

The ambience of your shower is incredibly important. After a long day at work, a nice relaxing shower truly works wonders. This can be enhanced with bathroom lighting.

We suggest wall-mounted bathroom lighting for two reasons. One, it can provide extra lighting aside from your central ceiling lights. Two, it can evenly distribute a nice glow all across your bathroom and shower.

This Amsterdam wall light can function as a fantastic, regal accent that offers a soft, warm glow in an off-kilter way. More conventional wall lights can be relatively inconspicuous and minimalistic while offering gorgeous illumination.

Amsterdam Wall Light by Karman from LightCo

6. Shower skylight

If it's within your means, installing a skylight above your shower ís a brilliant thing to consider. The natural light of the early morning or day will provide a glow that modern lights just can’t replicate.

Of course, this is only possible if the ceiling above your shower directly connects to the unobstructed outdoors. But if it does, then you've got the wonderful privilege of enjoying a free light source that offers a happier, more natural showering experience.

7. Arched shower entrance

Want to incorporate some classic architecture? Then consider an arched shower entrance. Simply using this shape can add a lot of nobility to your bathroom design and give you a point of difference seldom seen in the bathroom environment.

But to make the most of this idea, don't stop there. Make it truly pop by lining the arch with white subway tiles, mosaic tiles or even marble. It will create a stunning first impression for visitors and guests, giving you something that’s personal and completely unique.

An arched shower entrance frames the Elysian Gooseneck Shower Rail Set

8. Walk-in showers

Opening up your bathroom space can be a challenge. But you can start doing so by choosing a walk-in shower. Keep in mind that this tip works best with showers with a lot of vertical space.

Instead of a shower door that opens and closes, you can incorporate a fixed glass panel. Place it at the edge of the shower as you would with a shower door, but over the area where the showerhead is. That way, you won't have too much water splattering outside the shower's perimeter even without a door.

The walk-in shower creates one less barrier in a bathroom making the rest of the bathroom seem more open and spacious. It also feels great being able to just walk into a shower without glass doors to open and close and without feeling trapped in a glass enclosure.

These bathroom shower ideas are just the beginning

As you can see, there are some incredibly creative and resourceful improvements you can make to your bathroom shower space. These bathroom shower ideas are really just the tip of the iceberg so be sure to let your imagination run wild to create something that works and is meaningful to you.

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