2021 Bed Frame Sizes & Mattress Dimensions in Australia - Misc. AU
2021 Bed Frame Sizes & Mattress Dimensions in Australia

2021 Bed Frame Sizes & Mattress Dimensions in Australia

Words by B2C Furniture

Amongst the most frequent questions we get asked by our customers at B2C Furniture is what is the size of the bed and what are the mattress dimensions that will fit it?

We completely recognise the importance of these questions! The last thing you want to do is make an exciting new purchase for that bed you have been eyeing off for months, only to realise you don’t have the correct size mattress or vice versa. So, we got a little nerdy about it and have drawn up a table that breaks it down for you simply. But hey, whatever works right?!

Below you will find a list of the most common bed sizes and the corresponding standard mattress sizes in Australia.

When choosing the right size bed, the most crucial consideration is the layout and dimensions of the room you are furnishing…

Single Bed Frames & Mattress Size

A standard Australian single size mattress is 188cm long and 92cm wide.  It’s enough sleeping space for one person and the obvious choice for a toddler who has graduated from their crib. Single beds are also a worthy consideration for shared kids’ bedrooms, or small rooms à la studio style living

If you’re shopping for a small space, remember you’ll need to take into account the total length and width of the bed frame as some designs could include grander headboards or footboards.

B2C Furniture offers a range of modern single bed frames as well as single storage beds and single beds with trundles.

King Single Bed Frames & Mattress Size

The dimensions of a king single bed are longer and wider than a traditional single bed.  The mattress is commonly 107cm wide and 203cm in length.  The king single bed is perfect for growing kids and teens and an ideal option for adult students in apartment or share houses.

Since this mattress is long enough for most adults, it would also work well in a guest room, where using a double size bed would cramp up the room too much.

B2C Furniture offers a range of modern king single bed frames as well as king single storage beds and king single beds with trundles

Double Bed Frames & Mattress Sizes

Here’s the part I bet you didn’t know! A double bed frame is the same length as a single bed – just bigger in width! The dimensions of a double mattress are commonly 138cm wide and 188cm long.  This bed size is super popular as it can still fit into more compact rooms and seems more appropriate for adults over a king single or single size bed.

The double bed size is ideal for teenagers and adults alike and is the clear fan favorite choice for guest bedrooms. If you do have taller genes in the family though, you may be best off to consider a king single or queen bed purely for the advantage of extra length.

B2C Furniture offers a range of modern double size bed frames as well as double size storage beds and double beds with trundles

Queen Size Bed Frame & Mattress Size

The dimensions of a queen size mattress are typically 203cm long x 153cm wide. It is the most popular mattress size in Australian homes.  The extra space is great for couples and individuals wanting more space. Do you remember that amazing feeling of becoming a self-proclaimed ‘certified adult’ when you upgraded from your teenage bed to a queen size?

If you’re furnishing a new bedroom and have the space to accommodate, the queen size bed is your best bet! It will carry you through the years of your carefree single 20’s, to your more mature years of marriage, relationships, heartbreak and retirement.

B2C Furniture offers a range of modern queen size bed frames

King Size Bed Frame & Mattress Size

The dimensions of a king size mattress are commonly 203cm long x 183cm wide. This is the largest size standard mattress you will find at Australian retailer. The king mattress is the same length as the queen, but about 30cm wider. It is perfect for couples looking for a little bit of extra width and particularly family-friendly for when the rugrats decide to crawl in in the middle of the night

B2C Furniture offers a range of modern king size bed frames

Bunk Bed & Mattress Size

Bunk beds are two individual beds stacked one on top of the other. The mattress size for each of the bunks in a traditional bunk bed is typically 188cm long and 92cm wide – basically, a single size top and bottom. It ideal in a kid’s bedroom with limited space as it utilises the vertical space in the room and allows you to bunk in with your brother or sister – everyday is a sleepover with a bunk bed as a kid!

B2C Furniture offers a range of modern bunk beds

Triple Bunk Bed or Double Bunk Beds & Mattress Size

Triple bunk beds or double bunk beds are an adaption of the traditional bunk beds, where the single bed is the top bunk and sits above a double bed bunk at the bottom. The single bunk has a mattress size of 92cm x 188cm and the double bunk has mattress size of 137cm x 188cm.

It blends space-saving functionality and is the perfect option for a teenager who might a bit more room than a single bed – especially when they have their mates over after footy training.

B2C Furniture offers a range of modern triple bunk beds

King Single Bunk Bed & Mattress Size

Then we have the king single bunk bed, newer and harder to find on the market but essentially the same deal as a traditional bunk bed. A king single over a king single size bed. The bonus lies in the extra length! Remember earlier we mentioned a king single size is longer than a single and double size bed? The mattress size for the king single bunks are typically 107cm wide and 203cm in length.

B2C Furniture offers a range of Modern king single bunk beds

One thing we must mention as we take our duty of care seriously, in accordance with ACCC guidelines, mattresses for the top bed of a bunk bed should not surpass 150mm in height.

For more information, you can visit our website at https://b2cfurniture.com.au.

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