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5 Main Factors That Determine the Cost of a New Garage Door

5 Main Factors That Determine the Cost of a New Garage Door

When you hear of the qualities that Steel-Line is known for, such as 'Australian made', 'trusted brand', and 'superior quality, your next question will likely refer to the cost. Like anything to do with construction and design,...

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When you hear of the qualities that Steel-Line is known for, such as ‘Australian made’, ‘trusted brand’, and ‘superior quality, your next question will likely refer to the cost. Like anything to do with construction and design, the price will depend on several factors and come down to what you want to achieve with your garage door.

Steel-Line garage doors are always good value and well-priced, so you can rest assured that you’re getting what you paid for. There are three styles of garage doors with three very different price points – roller doors, sectional doors and tilt doors.  Roller doors are the cheapest to install overall but have fewer options for customisation and require the most space in the headroom of the garage. Sectional garage doors are found in most modern homes and are made from rigid panels that run along a flat track on the ceiling when opened. Sectional garage doors are more expensive yet much more customisable and require less real estate in your garage than roller doors. Finally, tilt doors are perfect for garages that don’t have much headroom as the door simply pivots into the garage ceiling.

Along with these crucial elements, there are five primary influences to consider when undertaking a new garage door journey that will impact both the quoted price and the way you enjoy your new garage door; these include:

Before Installation

  • Your Door Size

One of the most significant price points of a new garage door quote refers to the size of the door, with a single garage door costing far less in labour and materials than a double or triple-sized door. Even more so will be the cost of speciality or custom-sized doors, although the benefits of these far outweigh the cost.

  • Your Door Design

The designs of Steel-Line garage doors range from anything from a simple roller door to luxe timber look doors or speciality custom doors to suit your home’s exact design and style. Custom designing your garage door brings the ability to install architectural elements such as windows, panels, and unique trims, however, these will add extra costs to your final quote.

  • The Door Construction

Your garage door should be constructed to suit how you use it every day, and with Steel-Line, it can be, right down to the way it opens. Suppose you’re looking for a simple operation and relatively plain design. In that case, the cost will be much lower than if you’re considering elements such as built-in insulation, thick steel, or windows. The materials will influence the final price. We have choices for the lowest budget to the biggest spenders with our extensive range of options, from simple aluminium to solid wood.

After Installation

  • The Door Features

The cost of a door opener and safety features are some elements that are often overlooked when considering the final quote price. Your garage door opener can provide a point of significant savings or great expense, depending on your existing garage door situation. If you have an automatic garage door already, there is a good chance that we can use your current opener and adapt it to your new door. If you’re making the long-overdue change from an older style roller door, we will need to install a new opener such as direct-drive technology.

Safety features such as an auto-lock feature, infra-red beam, and fire protective seals are important elements to consider in your installation. These features can bring peace of mind, especially if your garage is connected to your main home or if you have small children running around. Read more about our additional home enhances here.

  • Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance and prompt repair are essential aspects of being a responsible garage door owner. The cost of maintenance and repair will depend on the factors mentioned above, with solid wood garage doors requiring the most maintenance to avoid rot and being the most expensive to repair. Alternatively, a steel garage door is often the easiest to maintain, quickest to find spare parts, and cheapest to install. When deciding which type of garage door you’d like to install, it’s important to consider these factors to ensure you can realistically maintain the health and function of your door.

Garage doors can cost anywhere from $600 to $5000+, and only you can decide exactly what needs to be included in your garage door installation. Not all garage doors are made equal, and some elements can be easily overlooked but are incredibly important in your final design.

Garages are used for all kinds of purposes, whether recreational, professional, security or personal, and your garage door should be designed to suit. Additionally, the garage door is often the first thing people see when driving or walking past. By improving the function and design of your garage door, you will be increasing the value and appeal of your home overall by up to 30%.

You will be in good hands with Steel Line Garage Doors with doors designed to bring peace of mind, long-lasting quality, and value for money. For your unique quote, fill out your details here, and we will be in touch to discuss bringing your new garage door to life.

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