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6 Ideas for Designing Your Kids Bedroom

6 Ideas for Designing Your Kids Bedroom

Words by B2C Furniture

It's easy to get lost in the endless furnishing and styling options for your child’s bedroom! There’s a lot to consider and not to lay on the pressure or anything, but you’re probably going to want the choices you make when furnishing their bedroom now, last for years to come.

Not to worry, with a little knowledge and forward-planning you can shift the experience from hair-pulling stress to pleasant dreams in a flash.

  1. It's strong, it's good!

Ever met a kid that doesn’t jump on their bed, or in fact, off the walls of their bedroom? Neither have we! So, strength is key!

If you are expecting years of use from your kids’ furniture, then you’ll want to be sure it can withstand the trampoline park play dates and sleepover pillow fights - your kids’ bed, in particular, should be as resilient as your little rug-rats are.

Photo source: Pinterest

That brings us to the age-old question of how do you judge durability? It’s not as abstruse as you probably think it is.

Two words - composition and construction. The material make-up of the furniture being the two most important factors when determining the quality of furniture

Solid hardwood timber is by far the strongest and most durable material for any furniture. Many manufacturers have moved away from using solid timber, gravitating towards plywood or particleboard as these materials are supposedly much cheaper to manufacture.

Be careful not to be fooled – just because these manufacturers have gotten ‘smarter’ on their cost outlays, doesn’t mean you as a customer become a beneficiary of their tightened purse strings.

B2C Furniture recognises the importance in your kid's safety, that is why all our Kids beds are made from solid hardwood timber frames so you can rest assured the durability of all products is high-grade.

2. Never stray from a Neutral!

Sticking to a neutral colour palette when choosing your kid’s bedroom furniture not only opens you up to a world of endless styling options but as your child transitions from a tot to a teen, you can transform their bedroom styling in tune with their developing personalities and interests with ease.

Give a second (and third, and fourth) thought to those car or princess bedheads – you might get kudos from your kids as toddlers, but your teens won’t be so impressed with your choice. And we all know we don’t need to give them any more reasons to hang us up as ‘uncool’

Choo choo! All aboard the gender-neutral train! Choosing a natural wood is the perfect way to tailor to either your prince charming or pretty princess!

Alternatively, but also keeping in line with the minimalist look, think about using white or grey furniture as the base, and release your creative flair with accents of colour. Subtle pops are in-vogue, and here to stay. For that little bit of extra jazz, consider using simple timeless patterns – stripes and polka dots are an undying favourite and with good reason.

Photo source: homestolove.com.au

For those looking for some fun, try a layered approach with bed linen, cushions and toys which can be updated with little hassle and far less cost.

Photo source: estilo-living.com

3. Room to Grow

Can we all just give a round of applause to whoever came up with the idea of Bunk Beds! Putting all our worries of too many kids with a limited amount of space to bed!

These vertically adept, ingenious pieces of furniture not only help to address your concerns of floor space but there’s plenty of room for your kids to grow. And what better way for siblings to bond over storytime in their bed.

Myer White Triple Bunk Bed

And when the bonding turns into brawling over girls in their adolescent years? Simply detach the top bunk and separate the boys and their beds in their own corners of the room.

4. Storage, Storage, Storage!

Mess is the bane of many parents’ existence! And whilst most of the time we can attribute this to our kids being lazy and incapable of cleaning up after themselves, clutter can also be caused by inadequate storage space. So rather than being caught off-guard with the Lego all over the floor, put your best foot forward and ensure you have considered storage solutions for all the toys, clothes and schoolbooks your child will accumulate over the years when planning the layout of your kid’s bedroom.

Chests of drawers are renown for being the bees-knees in clothing storage and bedside tables are ideal for reading books and bits & pieces. But the fairest of them all – underbed storage drawers. These versatile little gems will house whatever you can think of, with just a simple slide right back under the bed. The rational answer to tucking your kid's mess under the bed.

Photo source: theblockshop.com.au

5. Trundle Beds – The Sleep-over Saviour

If slumber parties are frequent in your kid's circles of friends, then a trundle bed would be a great inclusion in your bedroom plans. It hides away neatly under the bed when not in use and its practicality extends to accommodating as storage as well if not being used as a trundle.

They can also be a great way to ease your toddler into sleeping in their own bedroom. Trust me, your back will thank you at 3 am when you end up comforting them back to sleep on the trundle beside them, rather on than the floor.

All trundles at B2C Furniture are not affixed to the main bed frame, rather it is on wheels so you can choose which side to place it as best suited to the layout of your room and can be pulled out completely to clean and dust underneath, keeping our kids healthy at bay - particularly important for allergy sufferers.

6. Styling 101

Kids go through so many passing phases whilst their little personalities develop into adolescence and there’s no doubt their style tags along for the ride. So, when it comes down to the styling of their bedrooms, basic at the base is best! Keep the paint on the walls and furniture on the floor neutral, fad-free and functional.

Build character into the bedroom by adding accessories such as bed linen, cushions and even playful rugs to break up the floor space. Contrasting textures and textiles are a neat way to add character.

Photo source: istome.co.uk

The artwork on the walls is a way to bring some flavour into the room – nowadays you don’t even need to spend much money on it. Find some high-res images online and have them printed at your local printing or stationery store. You can pick up funky frames from Kmart or Target for a few dollars – don’t be afraid to mix colours and textures.

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