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Best freestanding heated towel rail

Best freestanding heated towel rail

Freestanding heated towel rails are portable and so you can have your dry, warm towels anywhere you go.

Words by Bathroom Butler

Heated towel rails have now become so popular that people want them everywhere they
go. But until every house, hotel, RV and cabana has one installed, a portable, freestanding
heated towel rail may be the only way to go.

What are the benefits of freestanding heated towel rails? Are they a better choice than a
wall-mounted heated towel rail?

Best of both worlds in your bathroom

The fact that you can transport a freestanding heated towel rail to wherever there is a
source of power is its number one plus point. Yes, you can take it with you on holiday or shove it in your camper as you travel across the country along the coastline.

Being freestanding has benefits for homebodies too. If, for instance, you don’t have enough
free wall space in your bathroom to install a wall-mounted heated towel rail, a freestanding
one can easily be placed next to the bath or shower.

Dry towels here, dry towels there, dry towels everywhere

The pickup, plug-and-play nature of a portable heated towel rail means you can schlep it
from one room to the other like a favorite blankie. Think of mudrooms, utility rooms, pool
rooms, laundry rooms, changing rooms, hobby rooms, babies’ rooms, guest baths, garages,
and holiday homes.

It’s also a good option if you’re renting and want dry towels around the clock without
increasing your landlord’s property value for him. You can even loan it to your neighbor if
they’d like to test out the benefits of a heated towel rail before buying a mounted one.
Another advantage of a freestanding, heated drying towel rail is it saves you on installation
costs. That said, a wall-mounted heated towel rail with hidden wiring is always going to be
easier on the eye and, being tucked neatly against the wall, means less clutter in what’s
supposed to be a free-flowing, safe and serene space.

Buying tips for the best freestanding heated towel rail

Believe it or not, you can get a model that can both be freestanding or, by removing the feet, be mounted on your wall. There are even free-standing rails with special heated-glass
technology that replaces metal bars. Prices range from AUD $150 to over AUD $1,100. Be warned: you get what you pay for.

As with a quality wall-mounted heated towel rail, pay heed to the material it’s made of (we
recommend Grade 304 stainless steel), and the quality of workmanship.

Also, consider the number of towels it can dry at once (generally less than wall-mounted
rails), whether it has a power-saving timer switch, and if the design profile suits your
bathroom accessories and style. Other considerations are the product warranty, whether it
has a sturdy base (rubber feet are best), and the cord length.

NATURAL 5 Bar 650mm free standing heated towel rail with PTSelect Switch
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