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Christmas Decor And Style

Christmas Decor And Style

Words by Inspired Spaces

Christmas is fast approaching! So now is the time to get into the Christmas spirit and make the outside and inside of your house sparkle. Decorating your home is a great way to allow your personality to shine. Really have fun and let your home become your own creative playground.

Lets Get To It!

First step is to take out your fun and beautiful decorations out of storage and put them on display for everyone to see. No need to reinvent your decorations each year; it’s ok to stick with the familiar! It’s the ornaments given to you by friends and family that adds that personal touch and helps to make your house unique and special.

Here are some other great tips to bring the perfect amount of festive cheer into your home.

The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree for me is one of the most important parts of Christmas. It should take top priority when decorating as it will be a focal point in your living space. Personally I love keeping my Christmas colours simple yet classy. To create an opulent feel without overwhelming the space try decorating your  tree with a limited colour scheme of silver, gold, and bronze. To give your tree some extra special twinkle and sparkle don’t hold back from lots of fairy lights.

Fairy lights

Remember, fairy lights aren’t just for your Christmas tree. You can use this lighting to create different atmospheres in different rooms. Lights can look great wrapped along other key items in your home like a sculptures or pottery. If you have a mantle piece drape them along the top and sides. This subtle extra lighting can look very effective.

Christmas Candles

One of the main things I associate with Christmas is scents and fragrance. It’s not just the beautiful smell of the pine from the Xmas tree but the addition of a scented Christmas candle to the home is fundamental. Different sized candles can look great bunched together at the end of a console table or credenza. Placing them throughout the house constantly reminds us what time of year it is.

Dining Table Arrangements

Lunch is an iconic part of Christmas day for us all so it’s essential you get your table decorations exactly how you want them.

A great table piece idea is to place a row of over sized vintage baubles down the centre with a mix of foliage, fruit and holly placed alongside.  It’s so simple yet effective (and affordable) to pull off. Another idea is to get all your Christmas cards and throw them into a big bowl. Perfect if you don’t have the space to hang them up.

Great Christmas accessories and displays like these are a must for around the house!

Cheer Up Your Entry Way

Don’t neglect outdoor patios and porches in your Christmas decorating. Consider wreaths, candles, and large glowing orbs to draw guests in from your entryway.  Another clever entry way idea to help light up the season is to have a brilliant array of paper luminaries or lanterns.  Line them along front walks, driveways, and porches for a fiery Christmas display.

It’s All About You

However you spend your Christmas make sure you’re home reflects it.  Let your creativity really shine and don’t be afraid to really showcase what Christmas is about for you. By adding some of these simple yet sweet touches throughout the house can really help to make your own enchanted and Christmassy home.

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