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Considering grasscloth? Here are 5 things you need to know

Considering grasscloth? Here are 5 things you need to know

Grasspaper offers unmatched texture and the ultimate tactile experience, but this elegant wallcovering can throw up a few challenges you need to be aware of before any big decisions are made. In this article we'll give you the inside scoop on this unique wallcovering, as well as suggesting a few textured alternatives that can give you the look when a real grasscloth might be a red flag.

Words by IconRadford

Grasspaper is a versatile wallcovering, complementing almost any style from tropical to rustic, traditional to modern - Not to mention it’s also both eco-friendly and on-trend. Every roll of grasspaper wallpaper will be different, with its own distinctive pattern and texture. The fibres will vary in size and shade between rolls (even when bought from the same batch, in the same colour and pattern). These inconsistencies are not defects in the product, but rather a result of the manual production process and the natural materials from which it is constructed. The inconsistencies in both texture and colour mean that it will be possible to distinguish between each strip of wallpaper when it is on the wall and the seams between strips will also be subtly visible- adding to its charm.

Grasspaper wallpaper has the subtle smell of grass. This natural and earthy scent will fade with time and is, for many, part of the appeal of authentic grasspaper. As a natural material, grasspaper wallpaper is porous, so it also absorbs and holds scents.

Grasspaper wallpaper is very delicate. It is far more prone to ripping and tearing than traditional wallpaper. Its texture (and grassy scent) also make it a very attractive scratching post for cats. For these reasons, think carefully before placing grasspaper wallpaper in a hallway or entrance.

Instead, consider using grasspaper in a bedroom or on a single wall as a focal point. You could also install grasspaper wallpaper above chair rail moulding or wainscoting. Grasspaper wallpaper is also very absorbent and that makes it prone to staining. Most substances and liquids (including water) will leave a mark on it.

As a natural, untreated material, grasspaper wallpaper is more sensitive to the sunlight than traditional coverings. This is particularly true in darker colours. If exposed to direct sunlight, the wallpaper can fade and bleach out with time.

There are ways to avoid this damage: consider installing the wallpaper in an interior room that gets less natural light or one with blackout blinds or curtains, that can be drawn during the day. Alternatively, you may prefer to extend the life of your grasspaper wallpaper by investing in additional window treatments, such as the installation on the glass of a clear UV ray filtering film.

A great alternative is Designers Guild Textured Wallpapers. A sophisticated collection of non-woven backed wide width vinyl wallpapers with naturalistic textile inspired textures and restful shades.

In particular, the Chinon and Brera Grasspaper textured wallpapers have been designed to emulate natural surfaces.

Chinon, with it’s silk emboss effect, has a more horizontal linear effect, which can be hung as a straight match at 64cm or randomly matched.

Brera Grasspaper can be hung with a random match creating the realistic effect of natural grasspaper but with the technical advantages of non-woven backed vinyl.

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