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Cottage Charm

Cottage Charm

Embrace your modern rural fantasy with ‘cottagecore’. Romanticized rural living, simpler times and traditions, Cottagecore is all about interiors that encourage wellbeing and comfort in the home.

Words by IconRadford

This trend is not exactly ‘new’ but has found a major resurgence thanks to social media. In part driven by the global pandemic, people have begun to see their space in a new light. Consider cottagecore as an escape into an idyllic, pastoral version of life where gardening and baking bread are the worries of the day.

What does this mean for interior design?

This trend combines a range of classical forms and raw, rustic elements. Cottage core encompasses many 2021 design trends —traditional comfort, grand millennial style, biophilic design, jewel-box rooms.

Traditional Scandinavian style is blended with romantic expressions found in English country cottages. Cottage Garden collection covers 35 harmonious wallpapers with elegant rustic style.

This collection of wallpaper will grace the walls of your bedroom, living room or kitchen. Its ambience is warm, artistic and poetic. Inspired by the British masterpieces written by Jane Austen and Virginia Wolf, Cottage Garden is a wallpaper collection in delicate, muted tones, with the occasional touch of bright colours. Beautiful hand-painted floral designs add a rich and vivid mood; while others patterns are captured in airy watercolours or express the more rustic feel of woven fabric

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