COVID-19 Update - Misc. AU
COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve around us, we want to thank you for your support and let you know that our business remains unaffected at this stage and we continue to operate at full capacity. Please rest assured that we have robust contingency and...

Words by Steel-Line Garage Doors

We are closely monitoring and responding to COVID-19 as it evolves in Australia. Our top priorities are the satisfaction and support of our customers and partners, as well as the health and wellbeing of the employees of BX Bunka Australia, including Steel-Line Garage Doors, Steel-Line Garage Doors WA, Dynamic Door Service, Arco Architectural Systems and Retrotech Door Services.

Due to the current lockdowns and restrictions in NSW, Victoria and South Australia, please note the following temporary changes to branch operations in the impacted areas.

The Steel-Line and Dynamic branches in Sydney and the Steel-Line branch in Wollongong are now CLOSED until 30th July 2021.

As per the guidelines set out by the NSW government, all activity will be paused with the exception of critical repairs to any premises where required for emergency, safety or security.

The Steel-Line and Dynamic branches in Newcastle remain OPEN and continue to operate as normal however will temporarily not be able to enter the Greater Sydney area.

The Steel-Line and Dynamic branches in Campbellfield and the Steel-Line branches in Dandenong and Geelong are CLOSED to the public however continue to operate with Covid-safe precautions.Installers and Resellers are able to access the branches for work purposes.

As per the guidelines set out the Victorian State Government, construction can continue during the lockdown for unoccupied premises and new builds, however repairs and maintenance in residential premises are only allowed if they are an emergency or required for safety.

The Steel-Line and Dynamic branches in Adelaide are now closed until 27th July 2021.

As per the Level 5 restrictions set out by the SA government, all activity will be paused with the exception of critical repairs to any premises where required for emergency or safety.

It’s business as usual at all other Steel-Line and Dynamic branches outside of these impacted areas as well as at Arco Architectural Systems and Retrotech Door Services.

The disruption caused by COVID-19 will continue for some time however we are confident in our ability to respond to these challenges as we try and minimise any disruption for our customers.

Whilst we are doing everything we can, there may be a potential impact or delay to your supply and we appreciate your understanding as we work through this difficult situation.

We will continue to provide updates as the situation evolves.  If your order is affected, our dedicated team at your local branch will be in contact with you shortly.

I’d like to personally thank you for your business and ongoing support and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Keep safe

Aaron Dillaway

2nd September 2020


To our valued customers and partners,

Yesterday evening the Victorian government announced that, effective immediately, the following changes have been made to the small-scale construction industry covering residential construction.

  1. For work carried out after the completion of fixing stage (as defined in the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995), workers will no longer be limited to 3 sites per week.
  2. In each of the above scenarios, workers will still be limited in accordance with the Workplace Directions clause relating to movement of workers (‘Reducing work across multiple sites’, clause 7 (17-20)). This means that employers must limit the movement of workers as much as it is reasonably practical to do so.
  3. Work sites must make every effort to minimise the numbers of workers on site at any one time. It would be expected that there would not be more than five workers and a supervisor on site at any one time, unless it were absolutely necessary for that activity due to safety.
  4. Site finishing and completion activities are considered an ancillary activity towards the construction industry and therefore can continue to operate. The site finishing activities are to be undertaken in line with the existing worker mobility clause in the Workplace Directions. The Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 has prescribed stages of building work for the purpose of progress payments to residential builders. Site finishing is understood as any works following completion of the ‘fixing stage’.
  5. “Fixing Stage” is defined as the stage when all internal cladding, architraves, skirting, doors, built-in shelves, baths, basins, troughs, sinks, cabinets and cupboards of a homeare fitted and fixed in position.

We welcome the Victorian governments updates to “clear the bottlenecks” created in the small-scale residential construction industry prior to the roadmap being announced this coming Sunday.

So, whilst not yet back to “business as usual” for Steel-Line Garage Doors and Dynamic Door Service, our teams are back on deck to start to work through the current backlog In accordance with the current guidelines.

For sites that are confirmed as having completed the “fixing stage”, we will be:

  • Scheduling installations, working with our customers to determine their priority doors
  • Completing as many site measures as possible.
  • Service work will still be strictly limited to emergency services only where safety or security is compromised.

The easing of restrictions is welcome news for our industry and I’d like to acknowledge our partners, including the Master Builders Victoria, HIA and the AI Group, for their relentless lobbying of the government to get our concerns and recommendations onto the agenda.

I’d like to thank our valued customers and suppliers for their ongoing patience and support during this difficult period and also acknowledge our Victorian teams for their unwavering dedication and service.

Keep safe

Aaron Dillaway

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