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Creating a versatile and functional home office

Creating a versatile and functional home office

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Creating a versatile and functional home office

Creating a dedicated office or work space will ensure that your house is kept clutter free and all paperwork can be isolated to one section of the house. A well planned home office can be used for those who run a home business or who spend a lot of time working from home and can also provide a dedicated working space for kids to do their schoolwork. Here are some ideas to think about when planning for a home office.

Who will be using the space?

Are the kids going to be using the space for schoolwork or will it be just one person in the household? This will determine how many dedicated workstations you may implement in the design. If your kids will be using the space as well as you then maybe consider a workbench along the wall where the kids have their own section. This will save space and allow for things such as storage and shelves. If it's just going to be used by one person really look at utilising the space as best as possible. Consider a large desk for working, a small lounge or chair for break out or reading that is a little more comfortable and the flow of the room avoiding trip hazards.


Try and get as much natural light as possible. This could be deciding to put your workstation or desk as close to natural light as possible or even adding a few skylights to really give the room a sense of space. Look at soft lighting for night time and the addition of lamps or pendants over the workstation to avoid too much strain on your eyes.


Be aware of what electrical items you may have. The right planning from the start will avoid you having to change the position of furniture and will avoid you having to use extension cords and the like. This will allow you to lock in where you put all your GPO’s and any data connections for hard wiring.


Getting the layout right will allow you to put in as much storage as possible in the allocated space and really make use of what you have more effectively. Think of things like shelves and storage units or even filing cabinets.

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