Words by anaca studio

There's no doubt this pandemic has made us look at things very differently. Whether it is our relationship with others, how we communicate or how we live, our thoughts and beliefs have shifted.

As we prepare for another week of lockdown in Melbourne, and Sydney's one continues, let's look into what we can do to lift the mood...

Camille sofa, Zola coffee table, Coco ottoman, Flo armchair - Photo Martina Gemmola || Styling Sam Clayton, Hausfrau


More than ever today, we're searching for happiness...

We spend more time at home now than we ever have, and in general, we crave things that make us happy there. We've realised how important it is to make our home a sanctuary.

Many of us have changed our interiors, purchased new furniture, or curated what we already own, maybe brought in more colourful items, objects, art, that actually create that element of joy.

We're all for creating a positive impact at home and designing products that will make you feel good and there's no denying that our Camille sofa embodies all of this.

Toulouse sofa with Zola coffee table - Photo Martina Gemmola || Styling Sam Clayton, Hausfrau


Not everyone finds happiness in colourful objects or interiors. Your definition of happiness can be lounging on a super comfy sofa or enjoying some art on your walls.

What matters, is that you purchase with intent and that what you surround yourself with has a meaning, a purpose to create a positive home. Making your home beautiful has an incredible impact on your mind and your general well-being.

With so much going on in the world, we need to change our homes to influence our mindset in the most positive ways.

If you fancy a soft spot to chill, binge on the latest series - my picks if you haven't gotten to them already are Lupin and Call my Agent, (this one is a real mood lifter!) - or read a book, you should really try our Toulouse sofa. The feather wrap cushioning will be there to support you no matter what you do or how you feel.

Zola ottomans, large and small - Photo Martina Gemmola || Styling Sam Clayton, Hausfrau


Using rounded shape ottomans can create visual appeal and a sense of playfulness. And this doesn't have to be strictly for kids' bedrooms (although they are perfect for these).

If you have plenty of room, group them to create a larger centrepiece which can then be broken down if you have guests and need additional seating (well hopefully it'll happen again soon if you're in lockdown, like me...). Using colours or patterns will also reinforce their presence.

Not just fun they are versatile and not just used to put your feet up. In recent years they are often being used as coffee tables. Find a nice tray, place your favourite books or magazines.

Designed with all this in mind, our Zola ottomans have plenty of sizes and fabrics or leather options.


If all fails, there's always food... Who doesn't feel happier with a tasty plate of food? Whatever you fancy, just treat yourself.

Personally, I love pasta, not just because... carbs, but for me, it's an easy way to be creative in the kitchen with one-pot wonders! Throw whatever veggies I find in the fridge, lots of olive oil, plenty of herbs, a good passata, maybe a few chillies, and there you go.

Every now and then I do love to try something new though and this "Drunken Pasta" dish truly hit the spot. Click on the image below for the recipe.


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