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DesignerPly, Australia's Most Comprehensive Range of Plywood

DesignerPly, Australia's Most Comprehensive Range of Plywood

Words by ForestOne

As a beautiful, natural and sustainable resource, the demand for decorative plywood has soared in the last ten years. Bringing warmth and a sense of calm with its soft, neutral colour palette and various grain markings, plywood is the ultimate choice for architects and designers as it can be tailored to suit a wide range of interior applications. As a trusted market leader in sourcing the highest-quality timber products for over 140 years, ForestOne has a rich history and expert knowledge of plywood and with a commitment to innovative and sustainable design has developed an extensive plywood range for the Australian market with DesignerPly.

Whether for wall lining, ceiling panelling or joinery applications, DesignerPly is a highly versatile product that is suitable for a diverse range of environments from commercial and public spaces to intimate residential projects. The benefits of DesignerPly extend to its sustainable approach as a renewable resource and offers superior durability giving confidence to architects and designers as a long-lasting material. With a unique cross-layered structure, DesignerPly provides distinctive stability and strength, ensuring that it will stand up to the rigours of everyday life.

When it comes to finding the right DesignerPly product for your next project this depends on both the application and visual impact you’re wanting to achieve. With its raw beauty, selecting the right substrate is a key element in achieving the ideal ambience for your design. From the traditional blonde shades of Hoop Pine, champagne tones of Birch, bold patterns of Radiata, resilience of Marine and flexibility of Bendy, DesignerPly’s textures and tones are certain to meet your design objectives. Providing a wide range of styles, ForestOne offers a comprehensive range of Powder Coated, Perforated and Printed DesignerPly panels alongside a premium option of FR+ which meets a Group 1 fire rating.

Powder Coat DesignerPly

To further increase durability and enhance longevity powder coated panels are an ideal solution for mid to high volume zones. DesignerPly powder coating offers a range of stunning colours that not only allow architects and designers to customise panels but also provides a smooth and superior finish with a UV cured coating.

Perforated DesignerPly

Showcase the beauty of DesignerPly’s distinctive edge with perforation. Creating a stunning visual impact ForestOne provides the flexibility and creative freedom to create a customised pattern or select from our standard options with varied hole and slot sizes. Alongside a textural aesthetic, perforated DesignerPly panels can aid in sound absorption when paired with one of our black acoustic backing options.

Printed DesignerPly

Transform any image, logo or artwork into a featured piece, while keeping the beauty, durability and sustainability of plywood with our printed DesignerPly option. With a high-resolution print, seamlessly create a unique decorative piece.

FR+ DesignerPly

DesignerPly ticks all the boxes by also offering a fire-rated solution for public spaces that require a Group 1 fire rating for wall and ceiling panels with FR+. Adhering to all strict BCA and NCC-2019 regulations, DesignerPly’s FR+ intumescent coating treatment confidently allows designers, architects and builders to provide appropriate fire protection without needing to compromise on design.

V-Groove DesignerPly

An extremely durable option, V Groove DesignerPly is a high-quality plywood with a traditional ‘V-Groove’ finish at 100mm intervals. This option can be painted, powder coated or sealed to retain its natural timber look.

Embracing the beauty and structural ecological integrity of plywood, ForestOne pushes the boundaries of plywood to ensure the needs of architects and designers are consistently met. Fusing together sustainability, versatility and technology, DesignerPly is a leader in developing innovative design solutions.

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