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Edgecorp Strengthens Contractor Communication with Enhanced Visibility of Projects

Edgecorp Strengthens Contractor Communication with Enhanced Visibility of Projects

Words by Procore Technologies

The Challenge

For Edgecorp Constructions, the driving force of a successful project begins and ends with strong communication. That is why Edgecorp is the company so many people choose to turn their vision into a reality.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Edgecorp has successfully completed a range of commercial, domestic, industrial, and fitout projects across Australia since 2009. Running multiple projects simultaneously, each with its own set of unique challenges, requires a project management system that facilitates communication and collaboration. Edgecorp found that solution in Procore, which allows everyone involved in a project—from owners and contractors to architects and consultants—to immediately access and share information.

“Procore is very good for communicating with contractors, consultants, and clients involved in the project,“ says Paul Tavilla, Edgecorp Director and Founder. “It has all the project information in one central location so that you have the ability to see your projects in real-time.“

Eliminate Extra Steps, Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Before moving to Procore, Edgecorp would have to perform multiple processes to carry out a single task to make sure critical data was communicated to all necessary parties and not lost. For example, following a tender interview, the information gathered would be managed through Excel, email chains, and the company's accounting software.

Frustrated with the jumbled processes and limited communication between the various formats, Paul set out to find a new project management solution that would do more than just document control and management.

“Procore has the ability to include the financial side of things into it as well,“ says Paul. “It can also handle observations and defects, which can be managed by the site team and contractors.“

With Procore's software and mobile apps, site teams can now easily log and share project information from anywhere, at any time. Edgecorp is able to simplify complex processes and now site teams, office staff, and external partners can find up-to-the-minute project information because it's all in one central location. This all-in-one solution also boosts communication and transparency across all of Edgecorp's projects, which means fewer inefficiencies and improved productivity.

“There are no errors because it's all a standard template—it auto populates the contractor's details,“ explains Paul. “Once you fill out that commitment, we don't have to go to other sheets and put in extra information, we don't have to look after ABN because it's stored in Procore.“

Improved Visibility with Mobility

With Procore, all of Edgecorp's site managers have real-time visibility into the day-to-day health of all projects company wide. The ability and ease of logging field information through the daily log, directly from the site, has also been a huge timesaver.

“The site guys can do it from the field in real-time,“ says Paul. “I get a live update so whenever I click into the daily log or any of the other tabs, I know that the information is happening right then and there. This also gives me insight into whether my contractors are on site or my supervisors are actually doing their job.“

Insight and Oversight for Owners

With Procore, owners don't have to be on site to have access to their project information. Owners can see the daily progress through the schedule and project photos.

“It gives owners the confidence in knowing they're working with someone who has procedures in place, and procedures to give them the answers they need instead of calling us when there's an issue,“ explains Paul.

Easy to Use

With Procore's unlimited user licenses, this means there is a clear pathway for subcontractors to easily and quickly start using Procore on their jobs. Initially, Edgecorp's subcontractors were resistant about jumping into a new project management solution.

“They're so used to the old-school way of using email or hard copies,“ explains Paul. “At, first they were all a bit hesitant. Then, as we did a couple of projects they started to enjoy it. Everything they need to know information-wise on site is there in their hands, on their mobile or tablet.“

“A lot of the (subcontractors) have come back to me and said, 'This is one of the best things you've done,'“ Paul adds.

As Edgecorp continues to grow, one constant is the company's belief that all successful outcomes are achieved through strong communication with clients. “Procore is a very good communication tool; it puts everyone on the same page,“ says Paul.

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