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EGGER Feelwood

EGGER Feelwood

Words by ForestOne

For interior spaces that aim to achieve a warm and inviting ambience this has resulted in an increasing demand for high-quality woodgrain reproductions that are sustainable and cost-effective as opposed to the use of solid wood or timber veneer. As a market leader in innovative decorative surfaces and woodgrain decors, EGGER delivers a high-end, durable and stylish alternative that recreates not just the look of natural timber surfaces, but also feel with its Feelwood décor range. Inspired by the latest design technology and evolving needs of designers and fabricators, the name Feelwood hints at the visual and sensory experience and is suitable for both residential and commercial interiors with a selection of woodgrains that will perfectly match every project.

Capturing the aesthetic and tactile qualities of authentic wood, EGGER Feelwood uses state-of-the-art synchronised pore technology to bring woodgrain reproductions to life by matching décor knots, crevices and grain features with the texture plate. The result is a deep woodgrain appeal that is indistinguishable from timber or veneer with accurate precision matching within 0.3mm of its natural texture. Creating a rivalry finish to genuine timber, Feelwood will have you second-guess its revolutionary development as you glide your palm over the grained surface.

From traditional brushed woodgrains to elegant textures EGGER Feelwood beautifully captures the warmth and character of real timber, however delivers all advantages of a melamine-resin coated surface. Unlike timber, EGGER Feelwood offers a no-fuss solution for designers and fabricators with low maintenance and no need for sanding or re-polishing. With the additional benefits of fade and scratch resistance this delivers a completely durable surface for mid to high traffic areas and is a cost-effective solution in comparison to the use of authentic timber.

With a variety of authentic surfaces available in light, mid, dark and grey tone woodgrains, EGGER Feelwood offers ten striking decors that can be used across a wide range of vertical and horizontal applications. Whether a design objective is for a traditional or rustic approach, EGGER Feelwood creates freedom for a multitude of interior and furniture designs with decors available in Panels, Laminate, Compact Laminate, Worktops, Eurolight and Flammex. Specially developed end-grain edging completes the authentic solid wood appearance with the look and feel of sawn timber.

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