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How much will it cost to renovate my bathroom?

How much will it cost to renovate my bathroom?

Words by Construction Concierge

A common question we get asked is how much will it cost to renovate a bathroom. The answer however, is not so straight forward. There are a number of variables you need to consider before pulling the trigger on that bathroom renovation and in this article we will look at ways to keep those costs down as well as what can cause the costs to blow out to ensure your planning is on point. Also bear in mind that if you live in a strata titled complex then your planning will require more time and work.


When renovating a bathroom, keeping the layout as it is and simply replacing with new is always going to be the most cost effective way to renovate. This allows you to keep your services such as your plumbing where it is and not have to move it. When we change the layout and start moving plumbing, the costs can start to creep up. One thing you need to keep in mind is that even when we keep the layout the same, the older the dwelling the more likely the services such as plumbing and electrical may not be up to current standards or it may need to be replaced before installing the new PC items. Although this will add to the cost it will not be as expensive as moving plumbing around. Examples of plumbing needing to be upgraded include older buildings where the state of the threads are insufficient or too short for the new mixers or shower systems.

You need to remember that if you are changing the layout, access for plumbing may prove to be more difficult than you first thought. The more intricate and complex the plumbing work, the more it will cost you. We always recommend having an expert such as a builder or architect check to see whether or not plumbing can be moved and if so, how difficult it will be.


An obvious cost when renovating is the demolition of the existing bathroom and associated items within. One area where we see people like to save costs is to rip up the floor tiles without demolishing the floor bedding. This may be possible although bear in mind that the older the bathroom the more likely it will be harder to keep the existing bedding. Older tiles are generally harder to pull up without damaging the existing bedding and will be too difficult to salvage. The same goes for wall tiles in older bathrooms. It will be very likely that when you take the tiles off that the render on the walls will come off with it. Allow for extra render on the walls if this is the case.

The other thing to keep in mind when demolishing is the chance of uncovering problems. Common problems you may uncover are water damage, rotting floors or even asbestos. As always we recommend having a contingency no matter how small your renovation is.


When it comes to choosing your tiles and PC items, there are so many options available and depending on what you choose will determine the actual cost of your bathroom. You don’t have to go for the most expensive tiles to get the best look. Today’s market is flooded with so many products that mimic the real deal and at a fraction of the cost. The same can be said about most PC items such as mixers, shower rails and vanities. A custom vanity is obviously going to be more expensive but if you can find a carcass that suits your space it will be a fraction of the cost. When choosing your PC items, if you go for brand names, again you are going to be paying a lot more than if you chose a product that is exactly the same without the branding. If you are looking at doing a renovation on a tight budget then choosing products that are not a brand name and also going for items that look expensive but are a fraction of the cost will definitely get you a better result for your wallet. If brand names or expensive, luxury finishes are what is needed because that is what the market in your area wants, then it makes sense to choose these types of finishes.

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