How To Optimise Space In Your Kids Bedroom with Bunk Beds | B2C Furniture x My Little Joy - Misc. AU
How To Optimise Space In Your Kids Bedroom with Bunk Beds | B2C Furniture x My Little Joy

How To Optimise Space In Your Kids Bedroom with Bunk Beds | B2C Furniture x My Little Joy

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Choosing the Perfect Kids Beds for Your Space...

This whirlwind of a year has had many people renovating their humble abodes. We were lucky enough to work alongside Sunshine Coast mama of four, Janelle Spies, as she started to plan for an extension to her family. The most important thing in the redesign of Janelle’s girls’ bedroom was creating a happy, calm, relaxed haven but more importantly optimising her space – what better way than a triple bunk bed, we say? Let’s dive a little deeper into the Spies family and how they marvellously transformed their guest room to a little girls’ mermaid paradise, with a shameless little shout out to one of our most popular kids' beds!

Super mum Janelle runs a stunning online retail store, My little Joy, selling handmade children’s décor. She lives with her builder hubby of 10 years, Lewis, in their lovely old Queenslander home with beautiful Myla (6), Azalea (5), Elsie (2) and Zeke (3 months). When Janelle and Lewis discovered that precious Zeke was on his way, they knew they’d have to rearrange some rooms in their home to make way for their new surprise arrival.

So, how does she juggle running an online business, being a mum of four and adding a renovation to the mix? With extreme precision. With a schedule as busy as the Spies family’s, Janelle is big on routine and structure with the youngsters. She’s always encouraging them to listen and help each other out which has been really good for the kids. They love spending their time together outdoors, sinking babyccinos at their local café, and I’m sure our Melbourne readers can relate – she loves excellent coffee.

What is ‘home’ to Janelle? “Home is comfort; it’s peace, it’s serenity.” The Spies' older girls Myla and Azalea have shared a room their entire lives, and mum and dad weren’t planning on splitting them up any time soon. Pondering over how to best make use of their space, a single over double bunk bed with storage was the winner for Janelle as it allows her girls to share the space without being crammed. This was matched up with our Myer white tallboy. What's more, there's still plenty of room for overnight guests or grandma when she pops over for the weekend to help carry the load.

Don't Forget Storage Plays a Crucial Role in Your Kids' Bedroom!

No doubt Janelle had to hold back on taking over the girl’s room with how much inspiration she’s flooded with from her Instagram page and business. However, having her girls feel proud and excited in their bedroom was at the forefront of what she wanted to achieve as it’s just as she feels in their loving home.

Janelle keeps an eye on seasonal trends, but always throws a dash of traditional styling into the mix. Raw timber is the way to go – it incorporates a traditional and timeless piece to any space in the home to bring in that warm outdoor feel indoors.

The girls decided to go with our ever-so lovely Myer triple bunk bed and paired with our Myer white tallboy, as the white features of the bunk are matching with the finish on the drawers and tie in beautifully together. Our contemporary white tallboy can be matched with any style your heart desires, as it is simple, sleek and serves its purpose perfectly! Storage was a necessity for the girl’s bedroom and the tallboy ticked that box as it provided a space for all their clothes and goodies.

Why Bunk Beds Are the Way To Go for Your Kids Bedroom Reno...

Styling the girl’s room around the bunk bed was an easy one, “Timber and white wins every time for me. It’s clean, and it’s easy to style with any theme”. It was super essential that her girl’s LOVED the room they play, learn and hibernate in as ultimately this is their safe haven. Janelle’s vision consisted of pops of peaches, pinks, cream and a drop of mint with shells and mermaids in the room. Sailah Lane’s wall art captured her heart and tied in beautifully with a personal touch of My little Joy throw pillows for the bed and floor cushion for the reading corner.

Although Janelle and her girl’s decided they HAD to have this bunk bed in their room as soon as they laid their eyes on it, as a small business owner herself, Janelle loves to support other Australian small businesses when she can and is one of the reasons she went ahead with B2C Furniture.

The Triple Bunk Bed Proves To Be the Triple Threat of Form, Function & Fun!

Putting the beds together was a seamless experience for Janelle and her hubby Lewis, and they were pleased with how sturdy the kids' bed was. The hardwood triple bunk bed’s durability allows it to be passed down through generations. The quality of the sturdy bed, coupled with the timeless styling choices, will last the family for years to come. The most eye-catching feature of the bunk bed was the ability to split the bunks and use them as a standard single bed and double bed, once the kids outgrow sharing their space. Timber furniture is commonly considered traditional and timeless as its stunning raw elements have survived passing trends through the eras due to its practicality and hardwearing robustness.undefined

They admired the dual tone design of the bunk, to go with the rest of their beautiful coastal home. In addition, they fell in love with the featured ladder which can be thrown out and even recycled, if the beds decide to part ways as the girls grow older. We’re sure that the youngest of the clan, Zeke, will eventually have the opportunity to catch some Z Z Zs of his own, and that’s if his sisters are happy to share...

Above all the beautiful styling and sweet sentimental memories Janelle is leaving in her girls’ hearts, she’s shaping a better future for her family by leaving a smaller carbon footprint in investing in recyclable material like timber.

Since the restyle, the girls have spent endless hours in the dream room their mama poured her heart into. They adore their sanctuary so much, that on occasion they even tuck themselves into bed hours earlier than usual on their cute little pillows mum designed especially for them.

The idea of My little Joy came to life sporadically in 2015 when talented Janelle had her second eldest, Azalea, and she decided to hand-make the stunning floor cushions for her to nap on which have been a hit since day dot. Janelle jokingly describes herself as the “surviving kind of mama”, My little Joy’s instagram page contains an enlightening mix of business and the Spies family journey as they power through this crazy life! The incredible multi-tasking mama shares lots of nifty tips and tricks as they continue to journey through their DIY home reno.

Be sure to check out her awesome page as she journals all the little and big milestones of their family’s journey. No doubt we have all endured a crazy year so let’s pay it forward and continue to show each other love, support and smiles.

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