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Increased efficiency by managing correspondence in Procore

Increased efficiency by managing correspondence in Procore

Words by Procore Technologies

The Challenge

Kane Constructions Queensland faced two conflicting challenges when it came to selecting construction software that would suit its local operations. A lack of buy-in for construction software from clients and consultants, as well as needing a construction management solution that was intuitive for users, highly automated and capable of delivering significant performance efficiencies for its team across every project.

“In the past clients, consultants and sub-contractors here in Queensland were relying on us to manage spreadsheets, emails and registers requiring a high level of manual data entry,” said David Laycock, Project Manager, Kane Constructions Queensland.

“Without a standard format for documentation and a central place for everything it was difficult to administer projects and then once complete, source documents quickly when needed. There was a high amount of double handling, particularly due to the way old projects had been archived in the past,” he said.

The Solution

Multiple local industry colleagues highly recommended Procore. Kane initially rolled out Procore Project Management across two pilot projects.

“We all recognised it was achieving what we needed and wrapped up implementation in a matter of months. It is so intuitive and easy to use—it’s been a fantastic result,” outlined David.

Project Management is delivering more efficiency, centralising data in one cloud-based platform and improving project outcomes since implementation. Kane has further participated in the early rollout of the Procore Correspondence tool.

We needed to establish more rigour around our contract administration processes and correspondence with clients in an easy-to-use interface. Procore has delivered, with a more professional outcome.

Better communications build better outcomes

Procore Project Management and the Procore Correspondence Management system has transformed how the Queensland team collaborates. It has gone digital with the Documents Tool, and it is using Photos to record every phase of its projects and support RFIs—adding the ability to automate prompts and provide better outcomes.

It has been the introduction of the highly flexible correspondence management tool that has delivered the most significant benefit for Kane.

“On some projects we are required by clients to utilise alternative project management tools. With Procore Project Management and their Correspondence tool, we can run still run Procore internally on these projects to maintain our high benchmarks for documentation, communications and audit trails for photos and RFIs,” David continued.

For the rest of its projects, Procore’s Correspondence tool, processes and responds to different types of correspondence that are both sent and received—without the other party necessarily using Procore as it dovetails with existing common email applications.

Project Manager Alec Noble at Kane Constructions Queensland reveals Procore’s ease of use is further delivering results.

“Mitigating errors across projects and using automated weekly reports is positively impacting our industry reputation,“ he said.

Compatible collaboration produces results

“Procore has been a great collaboration partner for the Correspondence Tool. It was something we wanted—and something Procore was more than willing to deliver. Weekly development meetings were held throughout the tool development where we provided feedback and suggestions. Now they have delivered,” said Alec.

Alec believes Procore has transformed project completion. “With fully transparent communications and an ability to audit workflows, we can resolve issues and costs faster than ever before. The rigour around contract administration is certainly benefiting everyone.”

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